Sindhu Sreedhar: The Star Behind The Making Of Stars

Ziad Siddique | Dec 11 2020
Image credits: Twitter

A rostrum is set with glittery all over, and contestants, judges, spectators and those elements that are vital to touch the very feelings of millions of viewers across the genre are on the platform. And then the entire stage is transformed to become dazzling to the very eyes of the viewers, the crooning becomes mellifluous to those who lend their ears to the performances, and the entire ambience becomes appeasing.  

But those who experience such colourful and exorbitant events seldom try to know the skilful and hardworking hands behind the scene whose nonpareil dexterity make the scene piquant enough to enamour the attention of viewers. Who are often left to remain behind the scenes are the ones who keep the show alive with its all glimmering traits with their precise, meticulous and mechanical hard jobs. An inadvertent error from the part of a member of a group that holds the show on their shoulders could jeopardise the scene. That much laborious is the job of the one who coordinates it.

And there is Sindhu Sreedhar, the chief programme producer of the 'TOP SINGER', one of the biggest and catchy reality shows on Flowers TV, the most rated Malayalam entertainment channel. Sindhu is not ready to concede to the discomfitures that come on her track while delivering the best of her best to meliorate the show redolent to all the senses. To propitiate the scene for the best experience of the viewers, she has to deal with diverse elements at works - from drivers to crew members and the naughtiness of the participants to the egos of the judges - lest the show becomes flimsy.

Sindhu is conditioned herself to deal with the situations, indeed, with the two decades of experience in the field, working for many media houses. To excel in this field, Sindhu acknowledges the importance of being a percipient besides dedication and hard work. The experience has taught her to prepare a nostrum for all the anticipated and unexpected menaces that can be an obstacle in the smooth running of the show. And she is very limpid in her dealing and is gyrating relentlessly in her axes of works.

Recently, Sindhu shared her thoughts about the job; the qualities an aspirant should acquire to survive the challenges in the field and many more with the Beyond Pink World.

Being a programme producer for ‘Top Singer’ which is a large scale production, demands your full involvement. What are the challenges involved in the kind of work you are engaged in and how you manage it?

‘Top Singer’ on Flowers TV General Entertainment Channel, today, is one of the most popular reality shows in Kerala. The journey, however, was never easy. There were and are many challenges in the making of ‘Top Singer’.

Here are a few:

  • Building the program from just a concept stage to this scale of a production that involves a lot of planning as well as management of a variety of resources. 
  • Touching the highest rating points in channel history. What was even more difficult is in ensuring and maintaining the position continuously.
  • Managing a set of high energy children, keeping their zeal high.
  • Handling a pool of celebrity judges of different personality.
  • Assuring quality at all times, given that the show is much longer in duration than any normal reality show.

The experience that I have acquired being in the industry for almost two decades, doing different roles from being an anchor to programme coordinator, has indeed helped me to withstand the challenges associated with program production. The interactions over the years with people from different walks of life gave me plenty of valuable lessons. It taught me the lessons of patience, perseverance and empathy, which I value most among many other things.

Sindhu Sreedhar

You might have handled different roles, handling diverse projects to reach a position that you now hold how your experiences in the field help you to deliver best for the project?

Longevity and experience in the field have certainly helped me a lot in delivering quality programs. Besides, the relationship that I have maintained with people over the years and also the mentoring I have received from seniors has certainly helped me in this context.

The project you are involved in seeks expertise mixed with creativity and high level of execution skills. Besides, it may demand long working hours. In such situations, support from family is vital, particularly for a woman. How does your family strengthen you to fulfil the commitments?

The work which I am involved in demands 24/7 commitment. It would be hard for me to commit to any project unless support is extended by my family. There were occasions when I had to sacrifice the family commitments for meeting my work commitments. I am lucky to have a family that is fully supporting my endeavours.

Several ambitious women lately pursue their passion that is beyond the conventional, what is your take on qualities that an aspirant should acquire to shine in your field of profession?

Youngsters should acquire certain qualities in order to excel in this field. Work is my passion without which I believe nobody can reach anywhere. I should say that women who want to be in this field of profession need to be creative, interactive, supportive and non-egoistic. She should be a quick thinker and decision-maker. Besides, she should be ready to take instantaneous challenges.

Sindhu Sreedhar

A goal is not at all a cliché if one is ambitious. You have many success stories in your forte. Where do you wish to see yourself next?

I am not very ambitious and do not target any desirable positions. But I do believe in excelling in the job I handle by being fully committed to it. When the organisation entrust me with responsibilities, I deliver the best in accordance with the company’s best interests. The acknowledgement and appreciations are only the consequences of good works.