Love Your Pet? Here Are The 7 Super Benefits Of Owning A Pet

BP World Research | Feb 07 2019
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More number of people are owning pets now. In the US almost 85 million families own pets according to National pet Owners Survey 2017-18 done by Americal Pet products Association (APPA).  This is around 68% US households.

US and Europe top in owning pets, when compared with other countries including Asian countries. US has more cat lovers than dog lovers. There are a lot of people who prefer fish and birds as pets too.

Many are experimenting and turning into other unconventional pet options such as frogs, lizards and other reptiles.

People are not wrong in their choice to keep pets for company! The furry friends and other pets that humans always loved to have company with, provide many returns that benefit us.



   1. Pets Improve Mood

People who own pets know how good a feeling it is to get back home and be welcomed by a pet dog or cat. Even if it’s after a tiring day, you quickly feel energized by your pet’s love and warmth.


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Research also says that pets have the ability to improve mood and decrease depression and anxiety. According to a study conducted among dogs and cats owners by Natural Pet Food Specialist Natures Menu(NPFSNM), 83% pet owners believe that dogs and cats have the ability to lift mood.

Studies conducted among ‘current’ dog owners and ‘non-current’ dog owners say that the later has three times more depression than the former. If research pieces of evidence can be trusted, pets reduce depression and also provide longterm health benefits.



   2. Pets Help To Reduce Stress

Pets, in general, improve the quality of health as per new research. Amidst the growing complexities humans face today from the social and environmental perspective, pets bring in cheer, happiness, calm and peace.


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Studies also sight specifically that pets reduce stress and anxiety among people. According to Dr Ann Berger, a physician and researcher at the NIH Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, dogs know the mood of the people and they know how to be sitting around and express love. They devote their attention to the owner all the time.

2012 studies published in Scientific American says that pets can help to reduce stress and increase productivity thus help to achieve goals. This can be achieved by you having pets just around you when you are on the difficult task that needs to achieve.


   3. Pets Are Great Company

In today’s word loneliness is a common feature. Nuclear families, busy life, people choosing to live single are all various human choices and situation. Having pets around makes us feel that we are in company. Pets in general are lovely beings and this would mean it’s an environment of peaceful companionship.


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Pets are also a great company for people with physical challenges when trained properly.


   4. Pets Help You Feel Safe

Whether you are alone or with your family or partner, having a dog at home would give a lot of safe feeling. These loyal animals are known for their unconditional commitment to the home and owner they are attached to.


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They watch you and surroundings at all the time and respond when there is anything unusual. They bark and alert you and at the same time would not hesitate to attack if need be.

Many times it’s not just the dogs who can do this. Even birds are pretty good in alerting the owner when they see strangers or strange situation.



   5. Pets Help You To Improve Socializing

It might sound funny first. How can pets help you improve your socializing? People from their experience say how pets improve their socializing when you are out with your pet. Let the pet be a cat, dog, parrot or a tortoise.


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According to a Harvard Health Publishing paper, pets can help humans improve friendship and socializing, as well as help you in getting support from others. In fact, improved socializing and the fact the social support is available results in improved health.

In this study having pets was identified as the 3rd biggest reason how people met and socialized. The number 1 reason was being neighbours and the No: 2 reason was the meetings in parks & streets.

Though dogs are more capable of this effect on socializing, there are other studies that show that pets of other sorts also is helpful from this perspective- be it cats, rabbits, frogs or snakes.


   6. Pets Help To Keep You Fit

This is if you have a dog particularly. Other than the cuddles and the licks, they can be great companions for fitness.  They might even pull you to physical activities, even if you are not in a great mood for it.


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Walking together with your pet can be fun. If you train your dog a bit, they can be real good partner to play throw balls, Frisbee and the like.

There are other pets such as sheep, horses and mules that can be great fitness buddies as well.



   7. They teach Kids Responsibility

Kids normally love animals. Some kids are more sensitive and loving than some other. Whatever be your kid’s nature, a pet around can change their life.


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They also learn life skills to manage many things. Feeding the pets on time, cleaning their places, bathing and grooming are all things kids quickly learn.

Kids tend to be caring, compassionate and empathetic when they grow up with pets.

In general pet owners are happier and healthier compared to non-pet owners.