10 Signs That You Are Dating A Narcissist

Sheena Joseph | May 11 2019
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Are you dating one of those people who cannot stop talking about how fabulous they are? It is as if they believe with the whole heart that they are superior to everyone else. If these thoughts have passed through your mind at any point in your relationship, you should consider the possibility of your partner being a narcissist.

If you are not familiar with the concept of a narcissist, it is more common than you think. A narcissist is a person who excessively admires themselves. That explains why they think they are better than everyone around them. It may sound funny, but it is not a fun dating a narcissist. If you are in a relationship with one of those, getting out of it is the clever path, unless you consider influencing and changing him as an option. But, if you are not sure if your partner is a narcissist, here are 10 signs that point out the narcissist in a person.

1. Everything Is About Them



You might be talking about the new dress you bought for the party. But, they will find a way to make conversation about the beautiful costume they wore five years ago. If you have found yourself in this situation several times, do not think twice before concluding to be in a relationship with a narcissist. This is a classic sign of a narcissist. They are obsessed with themselves. In their mind, they are the only thing worth talking about.  

2. Charming At First Meet



This is a tricky one. A narcissist is sure to come across as charming and romantic in the initial days of the relationship. They definitely want to impress you. And, they will use every trick in the book and charisma to woo you. Their goal is to win your affection and appreciation which they crave all the time. But, this charm and charisma only last till you break the ice. Once you are close enough to see the real personality, they will be ignorant and selfish. Identifying a narcissist with this sign is difficult because of there are genuinely charming people out there. The only way is to get through the initial days.

3. They Aren’t Reliable



They will be all talk and no action. They will make promises and will not follow through. A narcissist is often self-centred and doesn’t care about your emotions. They make promises because it makes them feel good. But, they don’t work hard to keep the promise because they are not happy with doing something for others. A narcissist is not a reliable partner. You will be left alone in a crisis. Even if the trouble concerns only you, the presence of your partner will give you confidence. A narcissist is likely to fall short at such an occasion.

4. They Acts Entitled To Everything


They believe that they are superior to everyone and everything. This makes them think that they are entitled to everything. They walk into a restaurant thinking they are entitled to the best table. If that seat is taken, they will be irritated instead of disappointed. They will be acting like that they are entitled to your affection as well. They will be controlling and will want you to agree with everything that they say. You might even be taken for granted in the relationship too.

5. Instant Gratification Is Their Thing



The childlike drive to get something may seem attractive at first. But, the same trait can drive you insane. They truly believe that their desires are above others, hence demands that it is fulfilled right away. If their wants aren’t instantly gratified, they are likely to get irritated and even aggressive. This is a trait that is easy-to-recognise. If they appear impatient or not convinced when you say ‘no’ to a suggestion they made, know that you are sitting with a narcissist.

6. They Don’t Respect Boundaries



If you have noticed him to be disrespectful of common civilian manners, the chances are that you are dating a narcissist. These habits could be as small as stealing the salt or cutting in line. This shows their disregard for others time and energy. They do not think other people possess as much as a value that they do. In fact, they take pride in such acts with stems from remorse and contempt.

7. They Put You Down



The narcissist often takes pleasure in putting others down. The loss of your dignity makes them feel that they are better than you. They have a constant need to feel superior. This trait will reflect in your conversations with them too. They will be talking about insane people they have been in relationships with, how dumb their friends are, and how inefficient the colleagues are. Even their jokes and comments on everyday situations will be implying that others are less than them.  

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8. Commitment Isn’t Their Forte



They will hang out with you, flirts with you, and make it look like a relationship. But, committing to you and the relationship is not their priority. If you have been dating for a long time, but he still lacks the will to seriously commit to the relationship, the chances of him being a narcissist is high.

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9. They Lack Empathy



The ability to see others point of view and think of their emotions doesn’t come easy to them. They can never understand how you are feeling or why you are upset because of something they did. You are not likely to feel validated and understood in the relationship. If he never asks how your day was or comforts you after a tough day at work, you are dating a narcissist.

10. Appearance Is Everything


A narcissist will always be shallow. They care too much about appearances. They will put more effort into looking good and expect the same from you. What others think holds importance in their mind. Their need for admiration is behind their enthusiasm towards appearances. Their ideology about admiration and human connections are superficial. They would rather have instant claps than in-depth conversations.