15 Signs That You Have Found The One For You

Sheena Joseph | Mar 13 2019
Image credits:pixabay

On a planet full of 7.7 billion people, what are the odds of you bumping into an amazing person on a fortunate day and immediately experienced an epiphany - ‘oh my god, this is it. He is the one’.

What a busy world this is with all busy bunch of people around. However, no point in getting drawn into the everyday routine and probably not pay adequate attention to the relationship you have right now. Do not wait for a celestial announcement to understand and identify the one for you. Who knows, you probably just have stumbled upon a beautiful relationship. But, how do you know if you have found the one or not?

Here are 15 signs that say that your partner is your soulmate.

 1. You don’t see any red flags

There is a question of compatibility in every relationship. Obviously, it’s beyond human that you both will not agree or disagree on every single matter on earth. And, relationships sure takes its time to evolve and grow. But, when you look at the bigger picture, what do you see? Look at the life choices and plans and do you find middle grounds? Like for example, do you both want children? Where do you both want to settle down in future? If such matters are red flag free, it is highly likely that you are with your perfect partner.


 2.  Will he fight for it to happen?

Relationships are no walk in the park. But, with the right person, there is a willingness to make things work. Your habits might be like day and night. Still, it is not impossible to make it work.


However, does he want to fight for it? Is he ready to go through enough conversations to figure out what works for both of you? Well, this question is not just for him. It’s for you as well. Are you willing to fight for this relationship? Do you want to spend days and months figuring out a routine that works for both of you? Does both of you want it enough not to get fed up? If you answered ‘yes’ for all the questions, do not let him go. You probably have found the one.

 3.  Oh! Those beautiful moments

Relationships are likely to have a lot of wow moments. The first date and moving in together are definitely wonderful. But, what do you do and how do you feel on an ordinary evening after work hours? sex is definitely an important part of a relationship. But, How else do you spend your quality time? After all, a larger part of life is those ordinary moments. In those times, do you enjoy being with him or are you often bored?


If you can spend a whole day in a couch watching movies with him and if you enjoy the silence with him where an effort to make great conversations isn’t always necessary, he is a keeper. The fun part of relationships is ordinary moments becoming special. If you have found ‘the one’, you will have tons of these special ordinary moments.

 4.  Both Your Minds Are In sync

This is one of the bizarre aspects of a relationship. You feel connected to him. As if, there is a telepathic connection. You had a bad day at work, and he can read your face. He doesn’t want to go to the party this weekend, and you know it. At a social gathering, you are bored, and you don’t have to tell him that. You have a secret language. One glance and he knows that you want to get out of there. It is a magical connection that you and he have developed through affection and time spent together.  


 5.  He Is A Great Listener

Rants after a tough day can be annoying. But, not with your ‘the one’. You are interested in how each others day was. You have a comfortable space where you can talk about anything that is bothering you. Everything from the friend who you love but is annoying right now to the Netflix movie that isn’t available on the Indian library can be talked about. And you don’t mind listening to him rant about his troubles as well. You listen to each other even when there are troubles between you and him. And, you always feel good after this talk session.


 6.  How much sugar do you take?

You have spent a considerable amount of time together to learn each other’s habits. You have been paying attention to everything he does. In the same way does he pay attention too? For example, he knows how you like morning coffee like the way you know his favourite shirt. He also knows when you need your privacy and leaves you alone.


If you have spent enough time with your guy and he doesn’t know anything about you, then he has not been paying attention. And you have been wasting your time. But, if he has taken the effort to invested in you and get to know you and become a part of your life, go on to make coffee with him and enjoy it together for the rest of your life.

 7.  You never sleep angry

One of the obvious signs of a healthy relationship is short-lived fights. You don’t stay mad at each other and spread toxicity. You bring up everything that you don’t like and discuss it. The discussions may turn into heated arguments and fights. But you both understand that it is part of the process.


You are not afraid of getting into a fight also because the possibility of a break-up isn’t always hanging above you. Every disagreement and conflict is leading towards a better day where you both are evolving into better people. Every argument you have is productive and healthy.

 8.  You feel safe

It can be hard to open yourself to people. But, you have found your comfort zone with him. It is probably the most important and explicit signs that say you are in love. You trust him, and he makes you feel safe enough to be vulnerable because he doesn’t judge you or put you down. He understands that you are not a perfect person and loves your insecurities too.



This trust eliminates the need for lying about anything at all. You can be yourself, and the absolute best version of you comes out in this process. This goes vice versa too. If you are the person he wants to talk to when something happens, even the trivial things, you both have found the perfect partner.

 9.  You are no longer scared

The desire to please the person you are in love with is part of human nature. It is normal when a relationship is in its early stages. But, if you are long way into a relationship and is still worried of what if I experiment with dessert and he hates it, probably you haven’t made healthy progress.


Love is supposed to unconditional. If your boyfriend loves you only if the kitchen table is clean, he is not the one. If he doesn’t love you with the new wardrobe that you are experimenting with, he is not the one. With a suitable companion, life gets a little easier, not tougher. If you are sure that your boyfriend likes you with all your old and new quirks, you have found the one.

 10.  You have a constant source of motivation

He doesn’t drag you down but lifts you up. You are each others inspiration and support system to chase your dreams. Whether you want a career change at the age of 30 or pursue a PhD, he motivates you to try your best. Even in the smaller, everyday life matters, you both don’t mind being supportive. You don’t mind giving up Chinese food for continental for dinner if that makes the other person happy. Giving up on stubbornness doesn’t feel like a loss anymore. It is like having a personal cheerleader. He makes an effort to lift your spirits when you are feeling sad and succeed most times, then count him in.


11.  He is not just a boyfriend

It doesn’t feel like you are simply hanging out with someone. He is part of the family, and one of your best friends. He is your 2 AM call. You both feel like you have known each other forever. If you can hang out with him in your pyjamas and messy hair, and  If your girl gang adores him but is slightly jealous for he being a huge part of your life, that is a great sign that he is the one.


12.  Out of sight, not out of mind?

Even when you are thousands of miles apart from each other, your feelings haven’t changed a bit. Except that you miss each other a lot. You don’t feel afraid of the dreaded long-distance relationships as well because you are 100% confident.



13.  We and us, Not me and you

This is a milestone in every relationship. It is the point where you start dreaming of a future together. If you can see a possible realistic future, your relationship has slid into the next level and you are ready for it. If he has started using ‘we’ and ‘us’ in distant future possibilities, he is on the same page as well.


14.  The scary ridiculous happiness

When you are with him, you feel happy. It is the kind of happiness which doesn’t require a big reason for. Unless something troubling has happened, you are just happy. But, do not be surprised if it comes with a scary feeling. It is natural to be afraid of the million possibilities in which this could go wrong. It only says that you have a relationship that matters immensely.


15.  You wouldn’t trade it for millions

As much as this relationship is freaking you out, it is a good scare. Hence, no matter how scared you are, you wouldn’t dream of trading it for anything in the whole wide world. When you have found the one, you are determined to go through all the troubles to cross that bridge and you know that it’s worth it. And if his actions justify your desire to face your fears, here’s the one for you.