Nine Signs That He Has A Crush On You

Sheena Joseph | Sep 20 2019

Not knowing whether he likes you or not has been an age-old agony. 

Believe it or not, figuring out the answer to this question is way easier than you imagine. You just need to look out for the signs. There are some common signs that every man sports that when a girl has caught his eye. Knowing these signs are a necessity because you might need to give him a nudge so that he can muster up the courage to ask you out. You need to resolve your dilemma before that. Here are the nine most common signs that he has a crush on you.

1. The Big Smile


How can you ever miss that big flashy smile when he sees you. Every man is happy when his crush walks towards him. He may not even know that he is smiling more than usual. So if he is laughing with all his heart when you around, know that he has a crush on you. It is one of the classic signs that he has a crush on you. He might even blush around you. Blushing is a sure sign that he has fallen for you. Once you see him blushing in your presence, you can even make the first move if he is too shy.

2. Lots Of Eye Contact



It is only natural that you cannot take your eyes off the person you are attracted to. In a normal case scenario, people keep looking around the room and everyone present in the room. But, if a man cannot stop looking at you, then no doubt that he is into you. It is highly likely that you catch him staring at you (not in a creepy way) a lot on the same day. If he steals the glance as soon as you make eye contact, be sure that he is crushing on you. You will have to pay close attention to recognise that affectionate glances. But it will be worth your while if you like him.

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3. Subtle Compliments


If he likes you, it will be hard for him not to notice your new earrings or a scarf. It will be harder not to blurt out how pretty you look in them. This is one of the undeniable signs that he likes you. You can be sure that he is into you unless he is someone who goes around and compliments every girl. Subtle compliments from him is a sign that he pays attention, and he wants you to feel good about yourself, and he wants to make conversation. Know that you feeling happy makes him happy too.

4. Attention To Detail



This is one of the prominent signs that he has a crush on you. You must have seen a bunch of times on popular culture that men are often in trouble for not noticing details. Like missing a new haircut his girlfriend got or forgetting the name of her cousin. This happens because ‘details’ aren’t easily registered in their mind unless they are paying close attention. If your guy remembers every detail that you ever mentioned, it is because he is making an effort. While you are talking, if he makes the effort to make a mental note of your favourite song, do not doubt his feelings.

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5. Your Thoughts Matter



Opening up to someone is not an everyday incident for men. So if he talks to you about personal experiences, thoughts, and plans, it shows that he values you. In fact, if he asks for your opinion on big or small matters, is one of the definite signs that he has a crush on you. It shows that he trusts you and wants to your perspective. It also indicates that he is comfortable enough to confide in you. If he talks about his vision or dreams for his future and asks for your opinion, forgets about having a crush, he might even be in love with you. 

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6. No Mention Of Other Girls



He never talks about other women. Even if you bring up how cute is that girl over there, he is not enthusiastic about it. This is a clear sign that he does not want to lower his chances with you. And he is smart to do so. Why would any girl wants to date a guy who is crushing on another girl? But more importantly, he has a crush on you, and he is not likely to find someone else attractive. This is simply because his attention is on you.

7. The Endless Talks



It is only natural that he wants to know more and more about you. He will always be curious about you. Knowing more about you makes him happy. He is also trying to figure out how cute/compatible/happy/fun you two will be together. If he makes time to have long conversations with you, it is one of the signs that he has a crush on you. He enjoys listening to you and might even have a big smile throughout the conversation. These long conversations also give him the opportunity to spend more time with you. 

8. He Is There For You


Yes. Being helpful is the trait of every gentleman. But that is not what we are talking about. He will be considerate of your emotions and state of mind at any time of the day. He is happy to pick up ice cream from your favourite store when you are having a bad day. He makes sure that you are okay with group plans. He always makes sure that you have a ride home. If you are upset and need someone to talk to, he is more than willing to be that person.

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9. His Body Language



Not many guys know that there is a visible change in their body language when their crush is around. This is something that they do involuntarily. So this one of the most prominent signs that he has a crush on you. He is likely to fiddle with his shirt and hair or keep throwing glances at you when he is playing a sport or giving a presentation. If his eyebrows raise every time you laugh, it says that he is happy to see you. If he is acting manly and protective around you, be sure that he is into you.