10 Tips For A Romantic Evening

Sheena Joseph | Jun 11 2019
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A romantic evening is a great idea whether you are in a new relationship or have been married for years. It is a refreshing experience that will be memorable and help you to deepen the relationship. Many people miss the romance and fun of a relationship once they get into a particular routine. A romantic evening is a perfect trick to revive the silliness and warmth of the early days. If you have no time to plan a romantic evening while shuttling between work and home, do not worry. It does not even take up that much time. Here are 10 tips to plan a classic romantic evening with minimal time spent on planning. You can always add your own twists to make it more personal.

1. Food Is Love



Nothing tops a hearty meal cooked by a loved one. Dinner is one of the cosiest ways to make a romantic evening. You and your partner can cook together and enjoy the meal. This will let you spend some quality time together. Both of you will be involved in the process. Pick a dish that is related to precious memory (like the first date) or a new dish if you both experimenting. You can also plan a surprise dinner for your partner by cooking their favourite dish. You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to cook up a romantic dinner for your partner. It will be a great idea to make this a regular practice. Won’t it be nice if you were always looking for that one romantic dinner every month?

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2. Movie Date



If you have no time to cook dinner, you can plan a movie date with your loved one. Ordering food from your favourite restaurant should go well with popcorn. Pick a movie that you both can enjoy. It can be one that you have seen before or not. Sad movies are better left for another occasion. It is not necessary that you spend your movie date at home. You can go out to the theatre and grab dinner later. If you have a restaurant or theatre that holds great memories for you, pick those. It will be a reviving experience for you to hang out like old times.

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3. Clink The Glasses



If you and your partner are wine enthusiasts, pick up a bottle on the way home. Your romantic dinner will be classy and fun like a restaurant dinner with a bottle of wine in play. You can choose an old favourite or a new variety that you have not tried yet. This can be your chance to pair wine with various appetisers. Cheese is an excellent ingredient that goes well with wine. Herbed goat cheese polenta bites, baked ricotta with lemon, garlic, and chives, tomato-mozzarella Caprese skewers, and cheddar olives are few of the appetisers that compliment the wine.

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4. The Spa Night



Scented candles and essential oils combined with massage have the power to make the night romantic and memorable. If you are a bit more adventurous, go for a sensual bubble bath with your partner. You can create a spa night at home as well. If you have a deep whirlpool tub, your own bathroom will be more than enough for a romantic spa experience. You can also purchase the plush spa robes to take the experience to the next level. Warm up the scented body oils for a sensual experience, and be sure to choose the scents that you and your partner like.

5. The Beach And Sunset



The outdoors has a great way of igniting romance. What better way to make the most of an evening than watching the sunset at the beach? A walk to the beach can be proven relaxing and rejuvenating. You can also make a reservation at a beachside restaurant. It is one of the simplest ways to have a romantic evening with your partner.

6. Light Up The Room



Candles are magical and they have the ability to set a romantic mood that is hard to miss. If you are having dinner at home, make it a candlelight dinner. Decorate the entire room with candles. Go for scented candles too. Be sure to all the candles are kept away from curtains and other heat resistant surfaces. Keep the candles at least three inches apart from each other. This will prevent them from melting each other. Lighting the candle for about three hours will ensure that perfume is integrated into the wax and the whole room is filled with its aroma.

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7. Pick A Fun Activity


The couple that has fun together, stays together. Pick an activity that you and your partner enjoy. It could be something easy like snowballing or karaoke night. Or, you could go to a carnival and enjoy the ride. Engaging in an activity that makes you happy will make you feel good about the relationship too. The goal is to make memories that you will cherish and enjoy your time together.

8. Music And Dance


Is a romantic night even complete without dancing to your favourite music? Spend some time in putting together a playlist. So, your partner knows about the efforts you put into the evening. Dance to the music like no one is watching. This will not only bring you and your partner closer but give you time away from the rest of the world. The music does not have to be mellow. If you both are into rock n roll, there isn’t anyone to stop you from having fun.

9. Recreate Your Honeymoon Suite



The first days of married life are the most memorable and special. Do not skip an opportunity to recreate the honeymoon phase. You do not have to be hesitant to do some over the top decorations. Throw rose petals on the floor and bed. Set the mood with candles and music. Choose every aspect of thinking what makes you both happy as a couple. If you have any elements that made your honeymoon days special, do not hold back and incorporate them too.

10. Dress To Kill



You don’t need a reason to dress up. Put on your best outfit even if you are staying home for a romantic dinner. This will make you feel special and distinguish the evening from all others. Do not miss your pretty lingerie.

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