8 Amazing Valentine Days Facts You Would Love To Know

BP World Research | Feb 09 2019
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We are in the month of February again. Millions of people around the world should be preparing to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their partners and loved ones on the 14th February. The season that has love and romance in the air, sales of business of Gifts, chocolates, candies and flowers go rocket high during this season.

The St. Valentine is in everyone’s mind as we celebrate Valentine’s day in his name.

   1. Valantine, The Saint Of Love

There are many legends behind how a day for lovers emerged in human history. The most popular is the one involved with St. Valentine, a priest who lived in Rome during the 3rd century.

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There was a standing order by the emperor Cladious that prohibited men from marrying during wartime. St. Valentine went against this rule and conducted marriages of lovers secretly without the knowledge of the authorities. Cladious when found out sentenced him to death.

Many believe that Valentine’s Day in February is celebrated to commensurate the death of St.Valantine who always understood the mind and emotions of young lovers.

If this legend is true, Valantine’s day has started with the Romans.

   2. Esther Howland Popularized Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine’s Day celebrations are not complete without exchanging some lovely cards.

Ester Howland, born in Worcester was an artist and businesswoman. Her father owned the largest stationary and bookstore in Worcester.


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She was gifted a Valentine’s card by her father’s friend once. She wanted to create a better one and started making cards that are elaborate and decorative. They soon became very popular.

She can be called the Mother of Valentine’ for popularizing Valentine’s cards in the US.


   3. Is Red The Colour Of Valentine’s Day?

Mostly we see everything in red during Valentine’s Day. Shops are decorated in red, merchandise packed in red and red heart-shaped balloons swaying all around are common sight.

Why red?

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Red indicates love, passion and desire. The description pretty much go with the romantic concept of Valentine’s day.

Apart from the above, there are many other stories as well around why the colour red is considered important during this season of love.

As per some theory, red dye was difficult to make during olden times hence was very expensive. So only rich and royals could afford to buy the colour red. During those times, palaces used to be decorated with red furnishing cloths. The royal attires also have large amount of red hues in it.

Many countries have the colour red associated with special occasion and luxury. In China as well as in India brides wear red attire. The Hindu temples have female deities adorned in red. Obviously, during this special day, which colour would be better than red!

According to some research red colour symbolizes ‘blood’ which means intimacy, connection, life and passion. 

Valentine’s Day is also a season of significant economic activity today. And for the commercial purpose red is a good choice. In fact the science of colours vouch on the brand recalling ability of red color. No wonder shops are happy to do it all in red! 

Pink is another colour that is used during Valentine day.However, red remains most popular.


   4. The ‘Conversation Sweet Hearts’ Were Much Bigger Earlier

Oliver Chase, a pharmacist from Boston is the one who has invented the machine that could be used to make lozenges (which is a medicine used for sore throat and bad breadth). Oliver later built a candy empire successfully which today is known as NECCO.


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His brother Daniel is the man behind the ‘conversation hearts’. He was inspired by Esther Howland ,who at that point was successfully selling the Valentine’s Cards. She lived in Boston too.

In 1866, Daniel figured out a way to print sentimental messages in candies using some kind of vegetable dye. These candies were much bigger and were not in heart shape initially. They came in the shape of baseballs, watches and the like.

Long messages were printed in those big candies such as “ How long shall I wait? Please be considerate”.

Eventually the size of the candy as well as the size of the messages shrunk. The candy got a heart shape in the year 1902. From the long ones, the messages eventually became very short such as ‘Be Mine” and ‘Kiss Me”.

NECCO considers the social changes to write the messages today. From 2017 “Tweet Me” is also one of the messages.

   5. The Flower of Valentine’s Day is Roses

The most preferred flowers for the day is roses in general and red roses in particular. Roses are not cheap. They just start to bloom after the winter. What is pricy and sought after is what you would love to give to your valentine.

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   6. New Gifting Trend is ‘Experiential Gifting’

Rather than giving a tangible gift, the shift lately is about gifting ‘experiences’. A yacht cruise, an adventure holiday together, a spa session or a ticket to attend a special concert are all what people are looking at gifting to their valentines lately.


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Experiential gifting shows intimacy and tell the story that ‘ I know what you like’.


   7. The Business Of Valentine’s Day Is Huge

According to a survey, people in the US spent more than 18 Billion on Valentine’s day which was above 19.6 Billion in 2018. This year again the figure is expected to grow this year as well. 


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In the year 2018, more than 55% US population celebrated Valantine’s Day. However the percentage is dwindling slowly year on year ( Though the spent is increasing).

As per details, men spend twice as much as what is spent by women on Valentine’s Day.

As per the 2018 data the top most spent on Valentine’s Day was on candies followed by greeting cards, evening out, flowers and jewelry.

   8. Some Cultures In The World has Banned Valentine’s Day

Though the Western countries celebrate the day of romance with all their heart, there are a few countries that have banned the celebration of Valentine’s Day.

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Valentine’s Day is not a favorite day of celebration in Malaysia lately. Many times hotels are raided and couples in close contacts are arrested.

Similarly Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia are all countries that are not favoring Valentine Day celebrations.

In India as well there were many instances were couples celebrating Valentine’s Day had to face rage from police and some fundamentalist outfits.