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Nine Of The Best Apps To Manage Your Stress

Sheena Joseph | Aug 16 2019
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Stress and anxiety can take over your mind in a few seconds. The real problem is that they arrive unannounced. It could be due to a trigger or simply because of burnout. Since you cannot retire to the mountains for the rest of your lives, it is important that you learn to deal with it. It is not as impossible or difficult as it sounds. Technology has penetrated every single facet of our lives. Sometimes they cause mood swings and bring chaos with it. But if used correctly and wisely, technology can help you in managing stress and anxiety too. There are many free apps available on Android and iPhone that can help you attain peace. If you are new to the whole ‘combating your struggling mind’ idea, we have found the best apps to manage your stress.


1. Calm



Whoever named the app did an excellent job. Calm is one of those apps that can help you in the long term. It will help you to meditate, relax, and sleep. Mediation is the main focus of this app. It aims to teach you how to find balance through meditation. Once your mood is significantly balanced, this will lead to a better life. The app has a '7 Days of Calm' programme which is like a crash course in meditation. Beautiful landscapes and soothing voices of nature are also highlights of this app.

2. Pacifica



This is one of the best apps to manage your stress and anxiety. Pacifica has a holistic approach to mindfulness, relaxation, and general health. It provides users with tools based on cognitive behavioural therapy. The app trains you to track daily activities. Developing this habit will help you to understand what triggers anxiety and depression. The activities are known to have surprising and life-altering effects on daily life.

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3. Happify



Happify uses tools developed by scientists and mental health experts to deal with every one of your moods. The app's motto is 'how you feel matters'. The techniques are based on studies in the fields of mindfulness, cognitive behavioural therapy, and positive psychology. The goal is to help the user to gradually take control of the emotions by understanding the thoughts better. The activities assigned to you by the app requires participation. They compel you to pay attention and be involved. This may seem irritating and demanding it first. But the results in managing stress are worth the trouble. 

4. Headspace



Headspace is one of the best stress relief apps that will teach the user to meditate. It has simplified the meditation for even beginners. Basics of meditation are summarised in a 10-minute long session for those who are new to meditation or have trouble focusing. The app has incorporated authentic expertise into the programmes which are methods using the science of meditation. It is based on research that shows mindfulness can improve relationships and reduce stress. Headspace is always looking for studies in the field of mental health care. The app has a session that invites researchers to submit their papers on anxiety, chronic pain, sleep quality, and mindfulness in education.

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5. Rootd



Rootd is a female-led app that is aimed at preparing users to deal with panic attacks and anxiety. The app even has an 'emergency contact' button which offers immediate help at the time of distress. Rootd has step-by-step guides on deep breathing exercises and practising mindfulness. It also has a personal stat page which tracks the number of panic attacks users have overcome and in-app lessons one has completed. This data is meant to encourage the user by showing their own progress. Testimonials on the app's website say that Rootd says exactly what a person having a panic attack needs to hear. And the app does it with the backup of facts.

6. Acupressure: Heal Yourself



As the name suggests, this app helps to improve your mental health by soothing the body. Acupressure is an ancient Chinese healing method which is over 2000 years old. The app teaches you to identify the pressure points in the body. The illustrated guide makes it easy-to-understand for everyone. Massaging the pressure points will relieve muscle tension, headache, and ingestion. It also helps you to escape anxiety and de-stress. If you are one to struggle with meditation or yoga, Acupressure: Heal Yourself is one of the best apps to manage your stress and anxiety.

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7. Pillow



Sleeping well has a positive effect on the body and mind, which is why sleeping apps are one of the best apps to manage your stress. A night of good sleep can help the body to rest well. This leads to better mental health and keeps mood disorders at bay. If you are suffering from stress, depression, or anxiety, insomnia can make things worse. Pillow is an advanced programme which is designed to track sleep along with other aspects of health like weight, blood pressure, dietary calories, and caffeine/alcohol consumption. Pillow app will provide you with a complete analysis of how these factors are affecting your sleep cycle.

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8. Sleep Time



Sleep Time is another app that works towards improving sleep in order to enhance mental health. Along with monitoring and analysing sleep cycle, this stress management app will help you to create a sleep cycle that is suitable for your body and mind. It has a smart alarm that wakes you up in the appropriate moment of your lightest stage of sleep. Sleep Time also helps you to fall asleep by providing soundscapes like the sound of ocean and rainforest storms.

9. Breathe2Relax



Breathing exercises help to reduce the fight or flight stress response. They can gradually stabilise mood. Breath2Relax is an app that aims at anger control and anxiety management. It teaches the users a stress management skill called diaphragmatic breathing aka belly breathing. It also educates users about various effects of stress on the body. The app has instructions in the form of videos and text, audio coaching, and progress tracking. It also has a feature to customise the experience. Breathe2Relax also provides a graph that shows your progress at the end of every month. As belly breathing is one of the most effective ways to relax, it is one of the best apps to manage your stress.

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