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Parents Major Producers Of Child Sexual Abuse Material

BP World Bureau | Feb 22 2021
Image credits: Twitter

Child sexual abuse and online exploitation begin at home for children, according to new research.

Child sexual abuse materials include images and videos of sexual abuse. It has been a major international problem and the issue became more severe in 2020 due to the COVID pandemic.

Of the kids who participated in this study, it was found that 42% identified their biological or adoptive/stepfather as the abuser. 

Children are more vulnerable to parental abuse because of their easy access to victims. 

And, survivors are the least likely group to tell anyone due to both the shame and fear caused by victimisation.

The researcher team included academics in criminology, child welfare and law, a detective sergeant and a forensic paediatrician.

90% of perpetrators were men and 20% of victims were boys, according to the study.