15 Instagram Influencers To Follow For The Chef In You

Sheena Joseph | May 06 2019
Image credits:instagram

Who doesn’t like food?

Some are obsessed with desserts, and some are keen on a healthy diet. And, Instagram is the place to learn more and find inspiration on anything including food. After all, we live in the era of Instagram influencers. Food influencers are one of the most popular personalities on social media. They are steady on the race with fashion influencers. If you have a newfound interest in food and is browsing the social media to find the best Instagram accounts to follow, we have got you covered. Here are the top 15 Instagram food influencers to follow for culinary euphoria.

1. Food52



Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs are food lovers and food writers. Both these women were raised on delicious food cooked by their mothers. It is no wonder that they ended up co-founding one of the greatest culinary platforms called Food52. They cook 52 weeks a year, hence the name. Food52 is a platform for cooks to talk to each other and exchange. The website has thousands of recipes, over 13 million followers. Their Instagram page @food52 has 2.2 million followers at the moment. Food52 has published ten cookbooks over the years, and they have been New York Times Best Sellers.

2. Minimalist Baker



Dana Shultz and John Shultz are a Portland couple who believes in simplicity. As the name suggests all their recipes are minimal. Dana is the recipe developer, and she ensures all the dishes are either made in one bowl or cooked under 30 minutes or involves only a maximum of ten ingredients. While many recipes are plant-based, Minimalist Baker is not an exclusively vegan website. Instagram influencer’s page is full of simple yet elegant images of food. And the duo comes up with new recipes every third day. The Instagram page @minimalistbaker has 1.5 million followers at the moment.

3. feedfeed, by Julie Resnick



The feedfeed is a digital cooking publication and community. Sharing recipes and connecting with like-minded people are the goal of this community. Their Instagram page run by founders Julie Resnick and Dan Resnick proves that they have undoubtedly achieved this goal. This New York duo started their dream cooking community in 2013. Over the years, they have brought together home cooks, chefs, food bloggers, and suppliers. Today, they have about 100 community editors that contribute to curating the content. Their Instagram page @thefeedfeed has 1.4 million followers at the moment.

4. Tieghan Gerard



Half Baked Harvest is the place to find family-tested recipe created by Tieghan Gerard. Tieghan believes in living life the simple way. She is into seasonal produce and using whole foods. She creates recipes inspired by the places visited and people interacted with. Tieghan hopes to inspire people to experiment with food. Looking at her Instagram page @halfbakedharvest, she has been successful with 763k followers.

5. Joy The Baker



Joy Wilson is a self-taught baker who is not a professional baker or food photographer. She has written three cookbooks over the years Joy the Baker Over Easy: Sweet and Savory Recipes for Leisurely Days, Joy the Baker Homemade Decadence: Irresistibly Sweet, Salty, Gooey, Sticky, Fluffy, Creamy, Crunchy Treats, and Joy the Baker Cookbook: 100 Simple and Comforting Recipes. Her studio 'The Bakehouse' hosts baking workshops and private parties for food lovers. On this Instagram influencer’s page @joythebaker, she regularly comes up with aesthetically framed photographs of baked food. The page has 447k followers at the moment.

6. Dennis The Prescott


This is an Instagram page that will instantly hook you with its colour palette. He cooks comfort food that is easily done. This food influencer’s page is full of images of generously plated food. Prescott definitely loves trays instead of plates. If you have a small party or a family gathering planned, head to Dennis Prescott’s page. You will find mouthwatering dishes that are not hard to cook. His Instagram page @dennistheprescott has 488k followers at the moment.

7. Molly Yeh



Molly Yeh is a percussion graduate from Julliard who moved to North Dakota from Brooklyn. She lives in a farm in the North Dakota-Minnesota border. Her blog and Instagram pages are reflections of her life in New York since she fell in love with food. Many of the recipes are inspired by her Jewish and Asian cultures. Farm life has a strong presence in her cooking style. Her book Molly On The Range is her experiences (she would like to call them adventures) after moving to the farm. Molly’s Instagram page @mollyyeh has 387k followers at the moment.

8. Spoon Fork Bacon


Jenny Park is a recipe developer, food stylist, and food writer. Teri Lyn Fisher is a food photographer. And spoonforkbacon is their joint venture which is a community of food lovers. Their website has a wide range of recipes and DIY tips. Clever and original recipes presented with a contemporary aesthetic is a highlight. Spoon Fork Bacon has a range of globally inspired dishes. Their Instagram page @spoonforkbacon has 327k followers at the moment.

9. Ashley Alexander



Ashley Alexander is a home cook from Melbourne, Australia. She has been fond of cooking since a child, and as an adult, Ashley grew fond of fresh seasonal produce. One of her favourite activities is to roam around the farmer's market. Her blog Gather and Feast is all about natural and healthy ingredients, whole and organic foods, and nutritious recipes. Her Instagram page @gatherandfeast has 319k followers at the moment.

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10. Signe Bay



If you have a keen eye for food styling, Danish Instagrammer Signe Bay will definitely sweep you off your feet. This food influencer’s page is a visual treat, and she is always on the lookout for pretty props. She isn't hesitant to bring in the Nordic vibe to her images. Signe Bay loves the warmth and cold of Scandinavian lights to create the perfect atmosphere for her photographs. Her Instagram page @signebay has 301k followers at the moment.

11. Aran Goyoaga



Aran Goyoaga is another food stylist cum photographer who has got thousands of fans on social media. She grew up in Basque Country in Spain and is settled in Seattle, USA. Her blog "Cannelle Et Vanille: Nourishing, Gluten-Free Recipes for Every Meal and Mood' and cookbook 'Small Plates & Sweet Treats: My Family’s Journey to Gluten-Free Cooking' are quite popular. Her Instagram features, images of delicious food and moments of her life. The page @cannellevanille has 276k followers at the moment.

12. Brittany Wright


Brittany Wright is another food photographer and stylist who sees food as an art. She focuses on the food culture and tries to bring in the beauty of locally produced food. Her Instagram page @wrightkitchen is full of colourful images of food including green leaves, tomatoes, grapefruits, carrots, and melons. It has 209k followers at the moment.

13. Uma Raghuraman


Uma Raghuraman is one of the most popular Indian moms on social media. Her blog Master Chef Mom is known for Indian recipes. She focuses on healthy recipes, street food, and spice powder as well. Her Instagram page @masterchefmom has simple yet aesthetically pleasing images of authentic Indian foods. Idli and dosa lovers will not take more than a glance to fall in love with her feed. The page has 67k followers at the moment.

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14. Nik Sharma



Nik Sharma is an award-winning food blogger who grew up in a bicultural household. He considers his North Indian - Goan ethnicity a fortune as it has been the foundation of his love affair with diverse cuisines. He is not a fan of artificial sweeteners and likes to know where the ingredients came from. He quit a career in the pharmaceutical industry to work as a pastry chef. His Instagram page @abrowntable is an album of his culinary journey and has 58.6k followers at the moment.

15. Jenn Yee


Jenn Yee’s Instagram page @pastrywithjenn is the best place to find images of pastry. She is a food blogger who has been obsessed with pastry since second grade. She has been baking since the age of nine, and she is a late night baker. Her Instagram page is full of baked things. The page has 48.8k followers at the moment.