Stopping These 5 Habits Is The Most Important First Step To Success

BP World Research | Feb 05 2019
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Do you sometimes wonder why you are not able to achieve what you want to?

Wondered how some people do things better and are more successful in achieving their mind’s desires and goals they set for life? What are the habits of these successful people?

What is their success ‘mantra’?

Like what successful people ‘do’, there are also certain things they ‘do not do’.

1. There is no ‘right time’ and ‘tomorrow’ never comes

A board found in a restaurant read “Free Beer Tomorrow”. Some of the customers, seeing this board might (as an involuntary action) have thought that they could have visited the restaurant the next day, until realizing their mind’s folly!

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What a fun way to tell that ‘tomorrow never comes’.

Our life many times is full of tomorrows. Even the new year resolutions we take, are postponed because of the ‘tomorrow syndrome’. As the adage goes, ‘tomorrow never comes’. It is about making up your mind to act today and act now.

Reluctance to start, finding excuses to postpone things that you want to do and blaming others for what is not happening, are all things that would hold you back from achieving your goals.

As individuals, we need to make choices in life and take responsibilities of the outcomes. The outcomes always might not be as desired. What is important is to review, learn and move on to make it better next time.

2. Are you trying to do ‘more’ things and ‘many’ things? 

Are you trying to focus on breadth rather than depth?

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There could be so many things that you might want to do. So many different and variety of things around you might attract you. However, if you look at the success story of people, you could see one thing that is in common for all of them. That’s about the efforts and focus they had on what they wanted to excel in.

So if you have identified a mission or a goal for your life, spend the time to learn, research and work around it so that you emerge successfully. Doing ‘more’ and doing ‘many’ are not what is important. Doing what you need to do with devotion consistently is what.

What Bruce Lee once said is an interesting insight for everyone to follow.

“I fear not the man who has practised 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practised one kick 10,000 times”.

3. We can not please everyone

We have heard this and we had been in this situation. The difficulty in life to say ‘no’.

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Life is all about choices. Certain decisions you take affect some part of your life. When you say ‘yes’ to something, the other side suffers. What we need to know is that it’s ok. We cannot do everything and we cannot please everyone.

It’s important to choose and be with that. Next time when someone asks you to do something that you don’t want to do, say ‘no’. But do the act politely so that the other person is not offended.

If s/he is a good friend, a loving spouse or sensible colleague they shall understand. Even if they don’t, it’s just ok because it is impossible to please everyone.  

4. Tame your fear

Most of us get contended with our lives. The routine things and its security, guard as from doing anything risky. ‘Can’t complain about life’, ‘perfectly content with life’ are all response we hear many times from people.

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Even when there are desires and dreams, it’s difficult for us to take that risk and move forward.

As yourself as ‘what’s stopping you from taking risks’?

One of the important things is to start believing in yourself. Most of us are conditioned to believe that we are not good enough. Constant reinforcement from the society, stereotypes  (for example stereotypes against women as certain things can’t be done by them), past failures are all good enough to stop us from taking risks and get us into the complacency of the present.

You can break them all by visualizing your dream and to be there. Constantly telling your mind that this goal is important for you. You should share your dream with people who understand you or people who are positive in their attitude to life.

Another important aspect is to do a lot of research around what you want to do. Factual data shall give you more confidence in attempting your dream.

Diligence, dedication and passion are good ingredients to mitigate any risk.

Tell your mind that ‘I won’t fail’.

And what is important in life is not about how big was the outcome and success. It makes a good reason to be happy that ‘you have tried it’.

5. Do not focus on your weakness

Aren’t we focusing a little too much on our weaknesses and negative side? ‘I’m not good for this’, ‘I don’t think I can do this’, are all constant reinforcements we give it to our mind.

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If you audit your life events, it’s a mix of both good and bad. But the interesting fact is that most of us had more good instances and occasions in life than probably bad ones. However, we seldom realize this. You would have had all these good events because you have managed them well and you have all the competencies to do a good job.

So why focus on your negatives and your weaknesses? Focus on your positives and focus on the things you have done well. Identify your strengths and play around them. Use your strengths to walk your way to success.