Meet The 15 Top Women Bloggers In India

Sheena Joseph | Apr 12 2019
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For those who love to create content, blogging is the best way to earn money. Since the dawn of the blogging era, many Indian women have taken up blogging to explore uncharted territory. Some of them emerged as India’s best content creators. Over the years, these women have become some of the most trusted sources in their respective fields. With motivation from their thousands of followers on social media, these blogger women are a must-follow on the online world. Here are 15 top women bloggers in India.

1. Glitter Naturally By Aarushi Singhal


Glitter Naturally is a wellness and lifestyle blog, and Arushi Singhal is obsessed with organic ingredients. She is a young rising entrepreneur who formulates skin care products that are completely chemical free. Her blog is all about DIY spas and face masks that can be easily made at home using natural ingredients. She recently launched her own skincare brand Blended Botanica.

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2. Mommy Tincture By Anupriya Gupta


Life can be hard for new mothers and parenting is no walk in the park. Blogger Anupriya Gupta writes about her tested and proven right strategies for dealing with children. She has fun lifestyle topics, travelogues, and book reviews too on her blog. As the blog is dedicated to parenting, Mommy Tincture features reviews of parenting blogs. Anupriya Gupta’s blog can answer most questions new parents have and that way hers is one of the good blogs seek useful information from.

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3. Put That Cheese Burger Down by Neha Ghosh



Put That Cheese Burger Down is a health and fitness blog that covers a wide spectrum of topics. Neha Ghosh’s blog focuses on improving health and does a stellar job at it. She covers a spectrum of streams including a healthy diet, fitness tips, holistic healing, sexual health, and mental wellness. ‘Put That Cheese Burger Down’ is a one-step-at-a-time attempt to reform the entire health and lifestyle of a person. Neha’s is one of the interesting health blogs by an Indian woman that  provides interesting and practical health information.

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4. The Shooting Star By Shivya Nath


Shivya Nath is a globetrotter who quit her corporate job in 2011 for the life of a nomad. And The Shooting Star is her travel journal. International media like BBC Travel and National Geographic Traveller India have featured her adventurous life that has been going on for almost nine years. This nomad is one of the top women bloggers in India. Her goal is to inspire her readers to step out of their comfort zones and explore the world.

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5. Trumatter By Rukmini Ray Kadam


Trumatter is the brainchild of Rukmini Ray Kadam, and her blog is all about home decor. The blog talks about all the things that you will need to decorate your home. Her focus is on making each corner of the home beautiful, enhancing the efficiency of small spaces, and gardening. Rukmini writes about her adventures in the kitchen too. Her blog has won over 13 prestigious awards over time.  

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6. Archana’s Kitchen By Archana Doshi


Archana Doshi has been a food blogger for 11 years. Her goal is to lead people to a healthier lifestyle by home cooking and avoiding eating outside. Over the years, Archana has found millions of audience that follows her blog and YouTube channel. Archana covers Indian cuisine, global cuisine, drinks, desserts, snacks, and healthy version of popular dishes. Her meal plan and lunch box ideas are popular among her followers.

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7. Vegan Richa By Richa Hingle

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The vegan diet has been fairly popular all across the world. But, all followers face some challenges. Acquiring sufficient nutrition is a tough nut to crack for every vegan. If you are planning on becoming vegan, Vegan  Richa by Richa Hingle is the best thing on the internet you will find. Richa became one of the best women bloggers in India due to her unique recipes. The blogger made her way to fame by creating vegan recipes that can replace common dishes on the Indian tables. She has two cookbooks also to her name.

8. Computer Geek Blog By Savita Singh


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As the name suggests, Computer Geek Blog is a tech blog which is all about educating the less aware. A whole session in this blog site is dedicated to blogging tips. SEO article writing, brand advertising, and online marketing are also Savita Singh’s forte. Social media, gadgets, and technology are also frequently discussed on the blog. Following Computer Geek Blog can turn you into exactly what the name suggests.

9. Updateland By Jyoti Chauhan

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Updateland is all about staying current in the game. Jyothi Chauhan’s blog features everything you need to know about the online world. If you are planning to put your work out there and climb the SEO ladder, following the Updateland will help you. Whether you are starting a YouTube channel or want to analyse the traffic on your website, Updateland has the answer for you. With consistency and top quality content, Jyoti Chauhan is one of the top women bloggers in India.  

10. Urban Diaries By Tanya Dhar


Urban Diaries is a luxury lifestyle blog. The blog is all about inspiring pieces in the areas of fitness, home decor, healthy alterations in lifestyle, and travel diaries. Tanya Dhar has worked with Thailand tourism, Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, Sabyasachi for Forevermark Diamonds, Amrapali Jewels, Sephora, Captain Cook Cruises Fiji, and The Ritz-Carlton: Luxury Hotels and Resorts. With most top luxury brands as her allies, it is no wonder that Tanya Dhar is among the best women bloggers in India. Urban Diaries features wellness tips, the latest culinary trends, styling tips, and travel guides.

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11. Akanksha Redhu: A Fashion & Lifestyle Blog By Akanksha Redhu


Akanksha Redhu is one of the most seasoned women bloggers in India. Her blog features a luxury fashion and lifestyle content. Her blog has been around since 2010 and is one of the popular ones in the fashion industry. Indian fashion weeks, new designer collections, trendy accessories, and cosmetic products are reviewed on the blog. Akanksha doesn’t shy away from posting her own looks on the blog too.

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12. Gia Says That By Gia Kashyap


Gia Kashyap is one of the most influential fashionistas in India. She is one of the top female fashion bloggers in India.  Her blog Gia Says That has been around since 2010. Lookbooks created by Gia and her guest contributors are popular among the youth. Makeup tips, travel hacks, and lifestyle stories are also a major part of the blog. Gia Says That has a refreshing vibe that every young fashionista in India wants.

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13. - Luxury and Lifestyle Photographer & Blogger By Naina Redhu

Naina Redhu has been blogging since 2004, and she is one of the most popular women bloggers in India. She describes herself as an experienced collector. While her photographs and writing are much appreciated, she made her mark on the industry with her podcast. Much of her content revolves around photography and her experiences. With her style and energy, is one of the must-follow blogs in India.

15. The Book Satchel By Resh Susan


Resh Susan’s The Book Satchel is one of the best literary blogs there is. If you can't decide whether to give a particular book a shot or not, head to The Book Satchel, and check out the review. Resh Susan worships books. Hence, every review is detailed, and she has taken time to read the book before writing the review. The Book Satchel will definitely give you reasons to read or not read the book. You can also find some interesting reads on her blog.

15. Master Chef Mom By Uma Raghuraman


Uma Raghuraman is the most popular Indian female food blogger. She won the prestigious Saveur Blog awards 2017 for Reader's Choice Best Food Instagram, Hindustan Times' India's Best Food Blogs awards, and Netflix's #MyChefsTable Instagram contest. She regularly posts new recipes. Most of them are her innovations. For summer, she has been incorporating fruits into traditional dishes. She is a fan favourite due to her detailed instructions that are easy to follow.