These Are The 14 Must Follow Indian Women Travelers on Instagram

Sheena Joseph | Apr 24 2019
Image credits:freepik

Travelling is the best way to reinvent and rejuvenate life. It also takes you through many cultures and varied instances that make you richer by experiences. And for the ones who are not travelling much, these expereinces shared by the travelling women are amusing. The onlookers look at these experiences with eyes and mind wide open and imbibe them as their own. This is probably the reason that many of the sought after Instagram influencers are travellers. Travelling women are the best inspiration out there. They post dreamy photographs, informative captions, and tips for making your time worthwhile in the towns and countrysides thay travel. Here are the 14 top Indian women travellers to follow on Instagram and to draw inspiration from.

1. Shramona Poddar

Image credits:Instagram

Shramona Poddar is one of the top women travel bloggers in India. Be it her Instagram account’s name @mishti.and.meat or be it the images of her adventures in Spiti or Shramona has got all the right boxes checked. Her love for sarees and nature is quite evident on her Instagram page, and she is an expert at capturing moments. Though she had been travelling around the country capturing the best of it for a  while now, her clicks of her hometown, Kolkata are mind-blowing. Her Instagram account has 102k followers at the moment.

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2. Lavinia DeSousa

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Lavinia is a travel photographer who has been to 46 countries and is on an ongoing journey. Her blog Continent Hop is one of the most popular ones in India. Her Instagram page is a lot about exploring offbeat places. While she loves travelling, Lavinia is an analyst too. Her Instagram account @continent.hop has 56.1k followers at the moment.

3. Trishita Bhattacharya

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Every photograph in Trishita Bhattacharya’s Instagram page @overrated_outcast screams that travelling makes you happy and content. In every click, this woman is laughing her heart out. Her page features mountains, rivers, old streets, paddies, and beautiful buildings from around the world. She is one among the many who realised at Spiti Valley that travelling is their soul food. Her Instagram page has 119k followers at the moment.

4. Neelima Vallangi

Image credits:Instagram

Neelima Vallangi is a full-time traveller, photographer, and writer who started off her nomad life by exploring various parts of India. Her page features clicks from Sri Lanka, Thailand, Macau, Denmark, Switzerland, Indonesia, Turkey, Bhutan, Mongolia, and Nepal. Her goal with each trip is to go off the grid. Neelima's Instagram page is known for the detailed description of the places she visits. Her Instagram page @neelimav has 43.1k followers at the moment.

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5. Aashna Bhagwani

Image credits:Instagram

Aashna Bhagwani is a lifestyle and travel blogger who promotes body positivity. Her Instagram page @aashna_bhagwani oozes calm and joy. She was one of the first to join the gang of top women travel bloggers in India. In her blog on the same name, Aashana creates high-fashion looks for plus size women and writes about them. Her Instagram page has 81.6k followers at the moment.

6. Shivya Nath

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Shivya Nath is a nomad who decided to sell all her possessions and go on backpacking in 2013. She has been a homeless nomad since then. Her blog The Shooting Star is one of the best things on the internet. She also has written a book with the same name about how her travelling experiences has shaped her life. Her Instagram bio reads, “With a home nowhere, I have everywhere to go”. In 2019, Shivya is experimenting with avoiding flying while travelling. Her Instagram account @shivya has 71.9k followers at the moment.

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7. Jyotsna Ramani

Image credits:Instagram

Jyotsna Ramani is a thrill-seeking blogger who wanders in abandoned theme parks and islands. Her Instagram page @wanderwithjo is a reflection of her life. Her blog with the same name is a good place to find photostories as well as food stories. The photographs on her Instagram page always comes with a comprehensive point of view of the place she is in. Her page has 45.4k followers at the moment.

8. Shailja Chauhan

Image credits:Instagram

Shailja Chauhan is a lawyer turned travel blogger who calls herself a travel nerd. She has been to 28 countries. Shailja has been travelling since 2014 with her husband Arvind. This travel nerd currently lives in Norway, and her Instagram feed is filled with the scenic beauty of yellow trees and blue skies. Her Instagram page @travelnerdstory has 12k followers at the moment.

9. Kamya Buch

Image credits:Instagram

Kamya Buch calls herself a full-time digital nomad who has been doing budget travelling since 2015. Her love for writing and photography is visible on her Instagram page @wanderingkamya which has 177k followers at the moment. Kamya’s writing is often spiritual and reflects her philosophies than a description of the place she is in. But, her photographs do their job effortlessly.

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10. Janaki Subramaniam

Image credits:Instagram

Janaki Subramaniam is probably living the dream of everyone who has been bitten by the travel bug. She is a pilot and calls herself an artist in the making. Most of her photographs are taken with her phone, but they never fail to tell a story. Many of the images on her page are taken in India and Europe. If you love everything vintage-looking, Janaki’s page will make you happy. Her Instagram page @thetravolver has 50.3k followers at the moment.

11. Upasana Malik

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Upasana Malik is a history buff and a nature lover. She has been travelling around most parts of India. But, her blog as well as Instagram pages say that she is obsessed with Delhi. Her focus is always on the nook and corners of the city that has always been there but was not noticed nor ‘seen’ ever by anyonet. Her Instagram page @mytraveldiaryblog has 21.1k followers at the moment.

12. Tulika Bhattacharya

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Tulika Bhattacharya is one of the most popular Indian Instagram influencers. Her rustic and beautifully framed images are charming. Less glittery lanes of Mumbai, vintage buildings of Goa, and foggy hills of Himachal Pradesh often make appearances on her Instagram feed. Her page @billie_jean_07 has 57.5k followers at the moment.

13. Onusha Dey

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Onusha Dey is a city girl who is always in search of new things in town. Her page is all about Indian towns and the usual sights that aren’t always highlighted. Flora of the hills and clouds above the mountains are seen a lot on her page. Her Instagram page @twistedchronicles has 22.8k followers at the moment.

14. Garima Manocha

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Garima Manocha probably does the best portraits among Indian women travel influencers on Instagram. She sees herself as a storyteller. Her website ‘The Art of Visual Storytelling’ has photographs and the stories behind them. She has a keen eye for colourful skies and nature too. Her Instagram page @brewing.latte has 42.1k followers at the moment.