Nine Incredible Benefits Of Travelling

Sheena Joseph | Jun 29 2019
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Those who are bitten by the travel bug are blessed. Travelling is one of the best ways to fuel the soul and save you from the humdrum existence. Simply visiting a lot of places is not the only benefit of travelling. It changes you as a person by paving the way to a bunch of physical and psychological benefits. How many hours would you like to spend scrolling through Instagram pages of travel bloggers? The happiness and excitement you feel are much lesser compared to the actual experience. If happiness is not a good enough reason for you to start packing your bags, here are nine benefits of travelling.

1. Lightens Your Heart


Think about the change from sitting in a chair for eight hours to wandering in new streets. That is what travelling is all about. The change alone has the power to reduce stress and help you to relax. The happiness and physical movement will lower the risk of heart diseases too. Stress and boredom are two of the major risk factors in today’s world. Travelling can fight off both. The fresh air and sense of achievement are excellent for the mind. You can tailor the travelling itinerary as per your interests and what makes you happy.

2. Improves Mental Health


A lot of travellers have reported that exploring new places has helped them to deal with anxiety and depression. It does not cure these mood disorders. There simply is no permanent solution for anxiety and depression. The only way to deal with them is to develop a lifestyle that nurtures your mental health and personality. Many victims of mood disorders often feel stuck in their lives. Travelling makes them feel like moving around. It also comes with a bunch of opportunities that excite and introduces new occasions. Considering how people struggle with mood disorders, it is one of the most exciting benefits of travelling.

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3. Breaking Away From The Routine



Living in the same routine for too long can make you feel stagnant. Travelling is an entirely new experience, a new schedule that has nothing to do with your regular routine. This will give you a much-needed break. Sometimes, you need to disconnect and get out of the box. Visiting new places is refreshing, and it can even be life altering. You do not have to wait for your life to be a bad place to go on travelling in search of a new start or a break. Travelling regularly will give you something to look forward to when you get bored in the regular routine.

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4. Motivates Original Thinking



If you are stuck in a hectic routine, it is likely that you haven’t heard yourself thinking in a long time. Travelling will give you time for yourself. Being in a different atmosphere with no obligations to fulfil will induce original thinking. Travelling can put you back in touch with yourself. Some might even say that getting out of your comfort zone will encourage the mind to get creative. Ironically, getting out of your comfort zones will make you comfortable in unusual ways. You can be yourself or try something you have never thought of before in the absence of obligations.

5. Tolerance For Uncertainty


Most people are used to certainty and end up preferring it all the time. But this might make you comfortable to an unhealthy extent. Life is full of surprises, and you should be able to take on any situation presented. If you are upset and heartbroken when things go south, you need to familiarise with uncertainty more. Since simulations are expensive, you can try travelling. Anything is possible while you are on the move. You might forget the power bank. You might miss the connection flight. You might not get tickets for the show you wanted to see. The fun is in coping with these situations. Roaming in a foreign place will build up your tolerance for uncertainty.

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6. Boosts Your Confidence



Travelling comes with its fair share of challenges. Overcoming them will boost your confidence. You will have no one to run to your aid or rely upon a new town. Getting through the difficulties and managing an entire trip on your own will bring out your hidden management skills and problem-solving skills. Trying new things and doing the things that you have always wanted will also build faith in your abilities.

7. Way To Smarter ‘You’



You are likely to develop many skills while travelling. You might even learn a new language on the move. Interacting with people from different parts of the world alone is a great learning experience. You will also develop certain life hacks while preparing for a journey. You will not need anyone’s help to pack and shift to a new apartment since you have done it countless times. You will also familiarise with what to eat and what not to eat while travelling. Do not be surprised if you became the packing and life hack expert among your friends.

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8. Great Conversations



You might be comfortable in your own cocoon. But travelling will bring you out of it without annoying you. It is one of the best benefits of travelling. You will meet people from entirely different backgrounds than yours. They will tell you their stories, and you can tell them yours. Travellers often have the best stories. Hence great conversations are part of the deal. This will also improve your social skills. If you can talk to strangers, you can talk to anyone. You will also make new friends which will broaden your network.

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9. Never Ending Cuisines



If you are a foodie, travelling is the best way to serve your enthusiasm for food. You have endless options to explore in terms of cuisines. The local cuisine tops the list of benefits of travelling. You do not have to fly to Japan or Spain to explore an amazing cuisine. Every region has an authentic cuisine that is different from what you have tried before. The local cuisine of a region is deeply connected to the history and culture of the place. A plate of food represents the local ingredients, authentic cooking methods, and seasonal diet. You are literally swallowing a piece of their history.