7 Reasons Why Solo Travel Is Important For Women

BP World Research | Feb 12 2019
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Travelling alone is a great different experience.

Solo travel is immensely helpful and beneficial for everybody in general and particularly for women. Solo travels get you out of the fear of being lonely, help you to figure out and manage the safety concerns and would many times end up as a life changing adventure.

Solo travel can be most empowering, transformative, and incredible experience in one’s life. Unlike the past, the world today is much more open to women travelling solo. The advancement in technology and the various simple support that we get from many of these Apps and technology are immensely beneficial. Examples are Uber, Lyft, Oyo homes, Trivago and the many safety and other travel platforms.

If you are still apprehensive, just look at these immensely enriching  and surprising benefits women get when travel solo.


   1. You Improve Your Self Confidence

Solo travel help you to come out from your safe zone. The initial decision might be difficult. But once you crack that, you will be surprised as the level of confidence you build eventually.

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Always try for the next level that you have not tried before. This could help to tackle situations without letting stress or anxiety creep in your decision making. This way you are defining your own path  of challenges and are learning  to rely on yourself.

The more you travel solo, more your confidence will grow. This will make you independent and self-reliant. There could be a few hiccups but you will learn to tackle them all.

   2. You Meet More People And Learn Different Cultures

Travelling solo make you completely out of the safe nets of friends and relatives. You  should take more efforts to interact with people to immerse in their culture. This would help you in being self explanatory and boost your skills of narrating.

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Before traveling to your dream destination, understand the tradition of that particular place and prepare your backpack in accordance to that. Learn a few words of greetings in that native language. These small acts will win you good friends.

Be  approachable to make the conversation easier with the locals.. Despite those language barriers and cultural differences, you can welcome some more people into your life. This experience shall also help us to restore our faith in people.

You will be surprised to discover some of your inner elements when you are with the new culture and new people.

   3. Helps You Get A Sense Of Achievement

The feel of independent wanderlust will make you feel highly self worth. The entire trip is focused around you and the whole input is yours. This helps you to bring out the good in you. Sometimes the best in you!

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The excitement and sense of achievement will make you happier and more confident.

“I wholeheartedly believe that every girl should go on a trip alone at least once in their lifetime. While it may not be your thing to roam alone around the globe or even to travel at all, it’s important to try new things and above all, become independent and self-reliant,”. This is according to Liz Carlson, an Young Adventuress.

   4. Solo Travel Empower You

Basic precautions can keep you safe without any hazards. The moment of solo travelling let you observe the sounds, sights, smells and other people’s interaction.

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As Oscar Wilde once said, “I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person”.

The realization of competing yourself to meet your dreams helps in realizing the capability to cope with difficult situations. The accidental experiences will be more beautiful to recall.

Travelling teaches you how to ignore all those clamours that is not worthy.

   5. No One Around To Judge You

As a solo traveller you get to choose direction without others involvement. You need not have to please others or feel guilty for anything. No one is there to choose a place or suggest a food that might be clashing with your preference. You can simply wander around without uprooting anyone else’s plans. Your capability to decide can make you dream new heights.

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Always try to experience something new, it is all about the feeling of freedom. A solo traveller will be in total judgment free zone.

   6. Makes You More Resourceful

Figuring out what to do next in your travel makes you realize how resourceful you are. Learn to loosen up yourself in critical situations to have perfect solutions. You will be surprised that there is so much in you.

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While walking around an undiscovered place, let you explore with your eyes wide open.

“It wasn’t until I took a walk down to the water for a solo dinner and sunset and discovered the magic of going it alone: no one but myself to please, and that sensation is not one to take lightly — especially for women,” said Jen Duchene, YourTango.

   7. Solo Trip Means Easy To Stay On Budget

Solo travel makes you more flexible within your trip planning, so that you can do more on the trip. There is no need of lending money or dividing budget with your companion.

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Compromises will be your choice and decisions will be independent. The pressure of society will not distract your actions.

Study proves that solo traveler’s affordability depends on your home currency.

A solo trip can take you away from the hustle and bustle of day to day life and will make you reconnect with yourself.

All you need to do is to nurture a dream to do solo. However, it’s important to take the necessary preparations with regard to health and safety when you embark on a solo trip.