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Air Pollution Linked To Heart Attacks, Strokes In India

BP World Bureau | Nov 10 2019 03:23:13 PM
ImageCredits: YouTube

High air pollution is linked with the high number of heart attack and strokes in India, revealed a new study. Air pollution is causing cardiovascular diseases(CVD) because people most exposed to fine particles have a higher CIMT index (carotid intima-media thickness) which indicated atherosclerosis.

People with a high carotid intima-media thickness index are vulnerable to heart attacks and strokes.

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The lead researcher of the study Cathryn Tonne from the Barcelona Institute for Global Health said that the study indicates the need for checking air pollution as it affects people, especially in low or middle-class families.

The research showed that air pollution is steadily increasing as per the study was published in the journal International Journal of Epidemiology after it was performed on 3,372 participants.

Women are forced to work in unventilated domestic spaces which is why they have higher CIMT when compared to men.

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