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Women In Telangana Village Impose Fine For Drinking, Selling Liquor

BP World Bureau | Aug 25 2019 11:25:59 AM

Women in Timmapur, Telangana have collectively taken a stand against alcoholic men who created trouble and blow away all their earnings on liquor.

Women of Jagadevpur mandal in Siddipet imposed a fine of Rs 1 lakh on those who sell liquor to end the menace of bootleggers in their village. They have also imposed a fine of Rs 10,000 on those who consume liquor.

T Lakshmi, the village sarpanch passed a resolution about the penalty and the gram panchayat made the announcement on Wednesday.

Over 1500 families living in the panchayat depend on day to day earnings from their work on agriculture.

Village sarpanch said that the women have been suffering due to their men's alcoholism and some have died because of it.

She said if a man earns Rs 500, he spends it all on alcohol and is not bothered about their children. Sometimes they wreak havoc in their homes.

The alcohol is sold in a shop over 5 kilometers away from the village. The shops sell liquor for an additional Rs 10.

Sarpanch claimed that since the resolution was passed, things were different as no one sold or drank liquor. She added that the village women will teach men who drink or sell alcohol illegally a lesson.

The Jagadevpur Tahsildar approved the resolution saying that if that is what it takes to stop alcoholics' menace then it should be supported.