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Editors Guild Of India Condemns Alleged Snooping By Israeli Spyware

BP World Bureau | Jul 22 2021 09:16:07 AM
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NEW DELHI: Editors Guild of India has condemned the alleged targeting by Israeli spyware Pegasus on major public figures in India. 

As per the reports, politicians, journalists, and constitutional authorities have been targeted by this spyware. 

Editors Guild of India demanded an independent inquiry into it under the Supreme Court’s supervision. 

'Pegasus' as spyware is used to surveil terrorists and their network, according to the Israel-based NSO Group.

This transforms phones into a surveillance tool that extracts messages, photos, and locations, activating the microphone to record people. 

Over 3000 people in India, journalists, politicians, business people, NGO activists, Supreme Court judges have been surveyed illegally.

Editors Guild of India said that this kind of move on journalists and civil society activists amounts to “equating journalism and political dissent with terrorism."

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Centre has maintained that no form of illegal surveillance is possible.