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Protesters In Iran Seek Authorities Resignation After Ukraine Flight Mishap

BP World Bureau | Jan 13 2020 12:47:09 PM
ImageCredits: Twitter

TEHRAN, IRAN: Iran witnessed massive protests after the Islamic Republic's leadership admitted that the military shot down a Ukranian flight by accident. This happened amidst escalated tensions between Iran and the United States after the killing Major General Soleimani.

Iranian authorities had denied any malfunctions from its part initially. Protests continue to add pressure on the Iranian leadership.

One group of protestors, outside the University of Tehran, yelled that America is not their enemy and that the real enemy is "right there with them."

The Ukranian flight crashed with 176 souls on board, killing them all amidst fears regarding the United States' airstrike.

Iranian military accidentally shot down the Ukraine International Airlines fearing an incoming attack.

Majority of the passengers were Iranian citizens and as many as 57 were Canadian nationals.

Protestors chanted against the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei for being a dictator, along with anti-government slogans.

Iran also faces international pressure after they admitted to gunning down the flight.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau assured justice and accountability for the victims of the crash. He said that he will not rest until hey get enough answers.

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