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NASA Investigates The First Crime Committed In Space

BP World Bureau | Aug 25 2019 12:02:11 PM

United States space agency NASA is currently investigating what is described as the first-ever crime committed in the outer space, according to the reports.

US astronaut Anne McClain is accused of identity theft. She allegedly accessed her estranged wife's personal financial records improperly. This happened while she was on a six month abroad the International Space Station (ISS).

Summer Worden, McClain's wife had filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission after learning that McClain had accessed her financial information with her consent.

Summer Worden's family had filed another report with NASA's Inspector General's office.

 However, McClain's lawyer said that she did nothing wrong and she checked bank records while she was on the ISS to monitor their financial situations combined. She added that she had done that over the course of the relationship.

Investigators from NASA have contacted both women about this situation as per the reports.

Anne McClain was in the news for being one of the two women who was selected for an all-women spacewalk for the first in the history of NASA.

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NASA scrapped the plan as there weren't enough space suits and conjuring accusations of sexism.

NASA's Office of Inspector General has been looking into the accusation but FTC has not responded to the identity theft report.