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India Makes 2nd-Highest Requests For Facebook Users’ Data

BP World Bureau | Nov 21 2020 01:52:48 PM
Image credits: Twitter

The Indian government is reported to have made most requests to Facebook seeking access to users' data in the last six months, only after the US. 

India requested Facebook to provide data in 35,560 cases in the January-June 2020 period which shows an increase from 26,698 queries about users' data in the second half of 2019.

Biannual Transparency Report revealed that Facebook provided data in 50% of the requests.

Indian government's request to preserve account information went up too, pending the receipt of the formal legal process and the country asked for 4,100 accounts to be preserved.

The government requests for user data increased by 23% from 1,40,875 to 1,73,592.