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Karnataka HC's Judgment Slut-Shaming Rape Survivor Raises Questions About Safety

BP World Bureau | Jun 27 2020 06:00:53 PM
Image credits: Twitter

BENGALURU: The Karnataka High Court recently gave anticipatory bail to a man accused of rape by slut-shaming the survivor in its judgment. Justice Krishna S Dixit of the Karnataka High Court said in a judgment dated June 22, that it is unlikely for an "Indian woman" to fall asleep after the rape and that it is not how women react when they are ravished. 

The woman was raped by a 27-year-old on the pretext of marriage. 

The judge further questioned the survivor for letting the accused drink and for going to her office at 11 pm.

The accused was given bail after the judge said that he cannot believe the woman's story.

This judgment led to outrage online where several women came forward to say that they don't report because of attitudes like this towards the survivor.