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Khushbu Quits Twitter To Escape From Its Influence

BP World Bureau | Nov 12 2019 05:03:02 PM

Actress and politician Khushbu Sunda quit Twitter due to the overwhelming negativity on the microblogging site. She told the media that she wanted to preserve her mental health which is why she quit the social media platform despite having over a million followers.

She has been subjected to sexist, misogynist and Islamaphobic tweets.

Khushbu said in an interview with The News Minute that she felt like she was becoming someone else and didn't want the platform to influence her in that regard.

She is a national spokesperson for the Congress party and faced trolling over her identity as a Muslim.

She does not believe in maintaining contacts over social media and it is not necessary to keep in touch with them.

She also wants social media platforms to be regulated because she does not want people to misuse their democratic powers for abuse.

She is open to giving interviews and interactions but she does not want to have her presence on social media.

However, she is still active on Instagram and believes that negativity is yet to fall there.