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Licypriya Kangujam Spends Savings To Buy Oxygen Cylinders

BP World Bureau | May 02 2021 03:59:09 PM
Image credits: Twitter

Licypriya Kangujam, 9-year-old climate activist from Manipur, announced that she will be using money from her savings to buy oxygen cylinders. 

Due to the rise in the number of cases, the country is currently facing an oxygen crisis. 

Kangujam, also known as Greta of India, had also voiced against climate change and pollution issues. 

She  urged the Taiwan government to provide assistance in coping with India’s massive surge in COVID-19 cases. 

She made history as one of the youngest climate activists in the world. 

She attended a fundraising event for earthquake relief in Nepal in 2015.

Licypriya caught national attention when she protested outside the Indian Parliament House for a week to pressure Prime Minister Narendra Modi to pass an Indian climate change law.