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Maharashtra Village Elected An All-Woman Panchayat

BP World Bureau | Jan 27 2021 09:42:57 AM
Image credits: Twitter

Anandwadi village, commonly called as Gaur, in Latur’s Nilanga taluka has elected an all-woman panchayat where six women ran unopposed. 

Under the leadership of Sarpanch Bhagyashree Chame, the village saw dramatic changes. 

Due to the effective leadership of women, the village saw several tremendous reforms such as; 

  1. Increase in cleanliness
  2. Voices against superstitions like menstrual taboos
  3. 112 homes changed nameplates to include women occupants
  4. A sanitary napkin dispenser
  5. Inclusion of widows in festivities
  6. Encourage organ donation
  7. Free flour-grinding mill

The conversation surrounding periods and menstrual hygiene was led by ASHA worker Manisha Tangadpalle, along with the inclusion of a safe dispenser.

A deserted cemetery was turned into a park for children, overcoming superstition.