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Menstruation Tracking App Maya Leaks Data To Facebook: Report

BP World Bureau | Sep 11 2019 04:02:32 PM

Maya, an app catering to women's health, has been accused of sharing data related to users' menstrual, emotional, and sexual health with third parties, including Facebook.

Users of Maya was sharing intimate details like mood, sexual activity, use of contraceptives, and menstrual cycle with the app.

The data shared by the app is used by advertisers for marketing campaigns. Every detail shared online is used to create the virtual personas of users. The information about users' mood and emotions are analysed to understand probable purchases.

The findings were released by a leading UK-based Privacy International. The report says that the data was shared as soon as the app was installed, even before the privacy policy is read. Privacy International had come up with a bunch of apps sharing users' data with third parties in 2018.

Maya has about five million downloads on Google Play Store.

Maya founder and CEO John Paul told media that the app doesn't sell data to Facebook or any other third party. He said that the app previously used tools from Facebook to improve the product experience. These tools were later removed.

Maya's privacy policy states that personal data is not disclosed to advertisers. But it later states that personal data of the user may be used to comply with advertisers' wishes by displaying their advertisement to that target audience.