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#MeToo Anniversary: Tarana Burke Says Focus Is On Marginalised Community Women

BP World Bureau | Oct 17 2020 02:07:22 PM
Image credits: Twitter

While the world is celebrating the third year of #MeToo movement, the founder of globally recognised campaign Tarana Burke is working on to make sure it remains inclusive and provides a voice to marginalised women.

On October 2017, the #MeToo movement earned global recognition after several women came forward with their stories of sexual assault, and Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein was finally exposed. 

It was popularised by actress Alyssa Milano. 

#MeToo movement founder Tarana Burke founded the movement in the mid-2000s to help black and brown girls speak against injustice. 

She said that the focus must be on women and girls from marginalised communities. 

She herself is a victim of sexual violence and has someone in her life to intervene and say she deserves help to heal.