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Parineeti Chopra, Kirti Kulhari Want To Change Narrative About Women

BP World Bureau | Apr 15 2021 11:56:39 AM
Image credits: Twitter

MUMBAI: Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra and Kirti Kulhari expressed their desires to help change the way women are depicted on-screen. 

Parineeti pointed out how women are reduced to the quintessential heroines with perfect personalities. 

She herself tried to avoid taking up such roles that Bollywood has tried to depict for ages.

Kirti Kulhari had also mentioned that she will not say yes to the same kind of roles even if she ends up upsetting people. 

They co-starred in the Netflix film 'The Girl On The Train', which is based on Paula Hawkins' novel. 

"Actresses have to change the narrative of how women are portrayed," she said.

Parineeti starred in two solo movies this year; 'Saina' and 'The Girl On The Train.'