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Britain’s All Senior Diplomatic Posts Held By Women

BP World Bureau | May 02 2021 09:26:35 AM
Image credits: Twitter

For the first time in Britain's history, the country's most senior diplomatic posts are all appointed to women.

Menna Rawlings has been appointed as the ambassador to Paris on April 29, making history as the “first woman in this role" because 43 men held that position before her.

With Rawling's appointment in the role, the complete historical event where all senior posts are filled by women is done. 

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Few decades ago, women were prohibited from entering the diplomatic service.

Now, apart from Rawling, women who hold diplomatic positions include;

Caroline Wilson who is posted in Beijing.

Dame Karen Pierce in Washington. 

Jill Gallard serving in Berlin.

Deborah Bronnert in Moscow.

Julia Longbottom located in Tokyo.

Jill Morris who is in Rome.