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Singapore Woman Gives Birth To Baby With COVID Antibodies

BP World Bureau | Nov 30 2020 10:58:44 AM
Image credits: pinterest

A woman from Singapore, who was infected with the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) while she was pregnant, gave birth to a baby with antibodies against the deadly disease. 

The baby was born this month without covid-19 but with the virus antibodies, according to the news.

Celine Ng-Chan told the media that the doctors informed her that probably the antibodies were transferred to her son during pregnancy. 

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She said that she was ill but was later discharged after recovering from the disease. 

The World Health Organisation (WHO) did not confirm fully if a pregnant woman can pass the virus to her baby during pregnancy or delivery.

Researchers said in a journal JAMA Pediatrics stated that the transmission of the COVID-19 from mothers to new-borns is rare.