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Study finds people googled to find excuses to skip work

TeamCitymapia | Nov 04 2022 11:29:20 AM

More workers are using Google to find the "best" and "most plausible" justifications for missing work as employers start requiring a return to the office.

The number of Google searches seeking justifications for missing work in the US in 2022 was 2,230,240, according to research done by the staffing firm Frank Recruitment Group. That represents a staggering 1884% increase from merely 2020, when there were 112,400 Google searches for "excuses to miss work." The most common Google search terms for "excuses to miss work" have increased in volume by 630% in the five years from 2018 to the present.

Out of the ten most common searches over the previous five years, "calling in sick" was the most frequently searched term in 2022, followed by "reason to miss work." The top search keyword in 2018 according to the researchers' analysis of 305,590 searches was "excellent excuses to miss work."