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Taapsee Pannu Opens Up On Facing Trolls Over 'Rashmi Rocket'

BP World Bureau | Oct 14 2021 09:05:18 AM
Image credits: Twitter

MUMBAI: Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu reacted to the absurd trolling she faced over her body. She will be playing an athlete in the upcoming film 'Rashmi Rocket.' 

Taapsee plays a sprinter who gets banned from the sport due to high testosterone levels after she is forced to undertake a gender test.

She moves legally against India’s athletics association to win back her lost dignity and respect. 

After she shared some of her photos as the character, Taapsee faced body shaming. She was labeled as "manly" and "masculine." 

Taapsee said that though the trolls intended to demotivate her, she was happy with that reaction.

“Those trolls gave me a promotional strategy on a platter. They didn’t even realise what hit them. It was like you struck gold, I was jumping with excitement seeing that reaction to my picture," she said. 

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