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Teen Traumatised From Eve-Teasing, Does Self Defence Training For Others

BP World Bureau | Apr 12 2021 12:03:41 PM
Image credits: Twitter

Shivani Sisodia, teen from Rajasthan, inspires and trains many more girls towards self defence, after her experience with eve-teasing. 

An 18-year-old girl shares valuable self defence tricks with a group of 100 girls in the Rajasthan Karatians School while pursuing her education in college. 

She chose to do this because of a nightmarish experience she had in 10th grade. 

When she and her friend were walking to their homes, they got surrounded by a group of boys who tried to molest them while passing lewd comments and eve-teasing. 

After this, she chose to take part in self-defense classes. 

She met with a trainer who taught her basic survival skills and self-defence techniques.