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Experts' Concerns About Undiagnosed Usage Of Meftal For Period Cramps

BP World Bureau | Feb 15 2022 04:40:50 PM
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Medical experts are concerned about how menstrual taboos are still forcing girls and women to take painkillers without proper diagnosis.
The tablet Meftal spas is mostly used to fight menstrual cramps for its effectiveness. But it is mostly suggested by a friend or family member.
Women are expected to endure period pain in silence and it is regarded as natural.
Dysmenorrhea itself is of two types; primary and secondary. Secondary dysmenorrhea happens because of health issues like endometrosis.
Dr. Renuka Dangare, a gynecologist with Proactive For Her, called Meftal a harmless painkiller but it can mask the possible diagnosis of health concerns that come with period cramps.
Endometriosis is the leading cause of infertility in women. Dr. Sujatha Rajnikanth, a Chennai-based gynecologist, said that meftal does not cure any cause of period cramps.