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Yasuko Tamaki: World’s Oldest Office Manager At 90

BP World Bureau | Apr 12 2021 12:04:50 PM
Image credits: Twitter

At the age of 90, Yasuko Tamaki from Japan made history by receiving the Guinness World Records certificate for being the world’s oldest office manager.

She has been working at Sunco Industries since 1956, five days a week and 7.5 hours a day. 

She had mentioned that her lifelong goal is to do things that make the chairman, managers, and other staff happy.

Sunco Industries is a trading company that specialises in screws and had been working there for over 60 years. 

Her job includes office accounts, calculating the staff’s salaries, staff’s bonuses, and calculating tax deductions.

Retirement is something that has never crossed her mind, she said, hoping to go on like this.