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Americans Still Receiving Unordered Packages From Asian Criminals

BP World Bureau | Jul 27 2020 03:08:44 PM
Image credits: Twitter

People from all over the United States are still receiving unordered packages from Asia and neither US postal service nor US customs are able to stop it. 

In 2017, a woman named Heaven McGeehan, from Pennsylvania was receiving unordered packages, which were empty, from China on a daily basis. 

Similarly, Lisa Klebba, from a small town in Michigan, received a package from China. She had ordered a dental tool kit but was surprised to get an empty package, she found the articles which mentioned McGeehan's experiences. 

Klebba said that it means her security details and personal information are compromised and someone has her password and other details. 

The seller acquired the name and address of a real e-commerce user and creates a fake account for them on the platform they’re selling on, then the order and ship out a package that is either empty or contains a low-value, lightweight item.

After the delivery has been confirmed, leaves a 5-star review to boost their rankings. This is done to attract more sales.