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More Women Hired In Middle, Senior Management Posts in 2020

BP World Bureau | Jun 10 2021 09:26:03 AM
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More women are hired to mid-management to senior levels in India, seeing a 43% rise in 2020 from 22% in 2019. 

Average participation of women in the workforce across industries remained at 34% for 2020, according to the report 'DivHERsity Benchmarking Report 2020-21,' launched by JobsForHer.

42% of women hired by all the companies (large, small, and medium enterprises and startups) were for entry-level positions.

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This report aimed to analyse the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on women's career advancements across India in various levels of corporate, with data collected from over 300 companies from a wide variety of industries and sectors.

"41% of startups and SMEs that were surveyed had achieved their goal of gender diversity hiring in 2020," as per the report. 

COVID-19 pandemic has affected women's career advancement more than men. Pandemic forced many companies to lay off their employees and most of them were women.

Women also opted out of their careers to take care of their children and domestic work. 

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JobsForHer’s Benchmarking Report said that 40% of companies rolled out special and customised work-from-home (WFH) roles last year.