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Many Women Who Used Period-Tracking App Flo Are Deleting It

BP World Bureau | Jan 16 2021 01:43:41 PM
Image credits: pinterest

Many women are deleting the popular period and pregnancy 'Flo' after the Federal Trade Commission announced that it filed a complaint against the app for allegedly sharing millions of users' data.

As per reports, 'Flo' shared information about users' menstruation, fertility, and pregnancies with the analytics and marketing teams of third-party companies like Google and Facebook.

This happened even after assuring that the information will remain private. 

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'Flo' was founded by Dmitry and Yuri Gurski, in 2015 and reportedly used by over 150 million users. 

Before using, women who register are asked whether they want to track their periods, pregnancies, or fertility, and then request their age, mood, and symptoms.

Women are asked about their sleep, mental health, sex lives, and relationships, etc. 

App's privacy policies noted, in 2017 and 2019, that it would not share users' "information '' like marked cycles, pregnancy, symptoms, notes, etc. especially if they do not elect to share" with third parties.

The complaint reported that unencrypted identifying health information transmitted by Flo to Facebook, mentioned a user's intention to get pregnant and that the company stopped making the users' data available to the firms.