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Reality Show For Women Entrepreneurs In Flowers Channel

BP World Bureau | Nov 01 2020 11:50:47 AM
Image credits: Twitter

Flowers channel, in association with BEYOND Pink app, will be launching 'Samrambhaka', a reality show for women entrepreneurs to inspire and guide them. 

The programme serves as an inspiration, motivation as well as a guide for all women who have a business idea or the drive to become an entrepreneur. 

Two or more adult women with the passion to become a businessperson can participate in the programme. 

Women who want to partake in other programmes can benefit from this show. At the same time, the best ideas will get a cash prize or financial help. 

Those who are interested should send theirs as well as their team members' details and business ideas to 

Call the number 6238810842 to find more details. 

Earn, fight, and live your dreams through 'Samrambhaka.'