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South Delhi Restaurant That Denied Entry To Woman Faces Shut Down

BP World Bureau | Sep 30 2021 10:32:46 AM
Image credits: Twitter

South Delhi restaurant that made it to the news for denying entry to a woman over dress code faces shut down following a closure notice.

The South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) sent Aquila restaurant a notice for operating without a valid health trade licence.

The restaurant received flak on social media for allegedly refusing to allow a woman entry because she was dressed in a saree. 

Abhishek Dutt, municipal councilor from Andrews Ganj, moved a private member resolution on the issue of the controversy.

The public health inspector found that the restaurant was running without a valid licence and an encroachment on public land was also mentioned. 

"I have closed down the above-said trade immediately and I shall not run the same trade without SDMC trade licence under the insanitary condition from the health point of view and create a nuisance," mentioned the owner's notice.