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Tanishq Pulls Ad On Inter-Faith Marriage, Responds To Right-Wing Trolling

BP World Bureau | Oct 14 2020 10:20:00 AM
Image credits: Twitter

Popular jewellery brand Tanishq was forced to pull off its advertisement featuring an inter-faith baby shower after it faced a severe degree of trolling from the right-wing. 

The brand released a statement expressing their sadness on the kind of emotions that the ad met.

The 45 seconds long advertisement features a Hindu bride married into a Muslim household. Her Muslim in-laws welcome her and even helps her observe her religious customs as a pregnant woman.

Right-Wing trolls accused the brand of promoting "love jihad" where Hindu women are wooed, seduced, and coerced by Muslim men into the religious conversation in a bid to "end Hindu population." 

#BoycottTanishq had been trending on Twitter for a whole day. 

However, the ad also received a shower of praise because it showed religious harmony where a family respects their daughter-in-laws' customs. 

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor praised the advertisement's message of unity. 

People who praised the ad accused Ratan Tata of cowardice after it was pulled from the air. 

Author Chetan Bhagat and former Congress leader Sanjay Jha both called out to Mr Tata and Tanishq.

After the ad aired, the stock fell sharply, ending 2.1% down on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and 2.5% down on the National Stock Exchange (NSE).

This is not the first time an advertisement for a brand faced trolling. Earlier, the brand 'Surf Excel' was trolled for showing a Hindu girl protecting her Muslim friend from getting bombarded with Holi colours so that he can go to the mosque in his white attire.


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