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Ziva's 'Zusu': Disposable Urination Device For Women

BP World Bureau | Mar 11 2020 02:02:25 PM
Image credits: beyond pink creatives

Ziva Maternity Wear has launched a new product called ‘Zusu’, compatible and comfortable for women to urinate while on their move. Ziva launched the product at 'Think BEYOND Pink' event which was held at Lulu Mall Kochi on International Women’s Day.

The device is made with paper which is in the shape of a boat. One end is open and wide enough to urinate in and it will flow through a small opening on the other end. 

For most women, it is difficult to find a proper place to urinate while on travel as they are forced to try at public comfort stations, compromising on hygienic conscious.  Besides, urinating while standing is more or less a struggle for women often forces them to hold their urine until a proper place to release.

Pregnant are more vulnerable to infections and they might find it difficult to sit down when they are heavily pregnant. 

This disposable device can be used by women to stand and pee in public toilets like the ones in colleges, hospitals, trains or planes, highways and other places. 

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Ziva maternity wear, now a household name in the maternity segment, is a brainchild product of May Joy, one of the co-founders of the brand, whose struggle with pregnancy and post-maternity days for suitable attire ended up with the brand Ziva Maternity Wear.

She stitched dresses that helped her during her maternity and discovered a niche for the business.  She opened the first store in 2012 with maternity clothes and accessories for women. Today, it has more than 20 maternity wear retail shops across Kerala.