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Car Designs Are Deadly To Women Drivers: Experts

BP World Bureau | Nov 23 2019 10:50:37 AM

Women drivers in India are put at risk due to the way cars are designed, according to experts at a panel in Tech Summit, Bengaluru.

Senior Engineering Manager at Intuit, Cynthia Srinivas said that seatbelts and airbags are proven to be more deadly to women than men because they are primarily designed by men to suit male physiology.

However, government data revealed that the majority of accident victims are men, but it is due to their risk-taking behaviour.

A British journalist named Criado Perez said that women in a collision are 47% more likely to be seriously injured and 17% more likely to die than men.

Seat belts are designed with an average man's body in mind with his height and shoulder width. Whereas a pregnant woman driver or passenger is not taken into account.

Even when women wear a seatbelt they are affected by whiplash, which is a movement forward and backwards with massive force, during a crash. Whiplashes tend to cause serious injuries such as neck injuries and men's neck muscles are more defined compared to women.

Airbags are also made with a male body as a dummy which puts both women and children at risk.

Women often have to sit closer to the steering wheel as they are not able to reach the car pedals. This puts them at risk of chest injuries as a result of them hitting the steering wheels during a crash.

The panel in Bengaluru then spoke about the importance of female representation in all sectors. Speaker Cynthia said that women in leadership roles tend to be more empathetic and the employees will fare better under them.