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ZIVA’s Maternity Kit Out There To Prepare For Pregnancy Amid COVID

BP World Bureau | Nov 26 2020 03:37:50 PM
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It is usual for women to prepare themselves well before the pregnancy, taking appropriate medication to ensure a complication-free delivery and for the health of the baby. 

Most often they become nervous about the external preparations to be made for a hassle-free caring of themselves and their child. 

Keeping in mind the needs, Ziva, a brand known for its maternity apparel solutions, has brought out a complete care kit that can allay women’s apprehensions. 

Ziva understands what a pregnant woman needs during and after childbirth, says May Joy, the co-founder of Ziva Maternity Wear. May says Ziva’s maternity wear promises natural stylish motherhood. 

“We provide those comforting products for pregnant women and new mothers through our maternity kit,” says May Joy.


Here are twenty-eight products a pregnant woman needs with her on critical days in the hospital. Just like the mother, the maternity kit sets aside twenty-two products for the baby.

The remaining six products are for the comfort of the aching mother’s abdomen. Each of these essentials should be prepared before the due date. As the tensions of childbirth get closer, sometimes the mind may forget the list of essentials. The Maternity Kit is a great gift that presents the sweetness of motherhood.

The kit includes;

  1. Baby Jabla Clothing - 9
  2. Baby Nappy - 6
  3. Towels for laying - 6
  4. Hood towel
  5. Baby Bib
  6. Mitten
  7. Bootie
  8. Baby Cap
  9. Head Rest
  10. Baby Pillow
  11. Baby changing sheet
  12. Cotton wipes - 10
  13. Dry Sheet M
  14. Reusable fabric diaper S
  15. Reusable fabric Pad
  16. Baby bed sheet
  17. Baby blanket
  18. Burp Cloth - 3
  19. Baby Romper - 3
  20. Side Pillow
  21. Wooden toy
  22. Kit for keeping baby’s items

For New Mother

  1. Maternity Pad – 5
  2. Bra Extender - 3
  3. Nursing Pad - 2
  4. Maternity Belly Belt – 1
  5. Ziva Zusu – 10
  6. Nursing Cover - 1

The Ziva Maternity Kit includes only the most useful and high-quality products for mother and baby. 

All products are sterilized and packed. However, Ziva suggests that these products should be washed and dried again so that they do not harm the mother or baby.

Ziva has been working on the quality and products are guaranteed for ten years. It is that faith that brings happiness and freedom to every pregnant woman. The kit, which is priced at Rs 7,990, is now priced at Rs 6,990 with a special discount. You will also get a mini maternity kit for Rs 2990.