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Zuckerberg Announces Rebranding Of Facebook To 'Meta'

BP World Bureau | Oct 29 2021 09:01:59 AM
Image credits: Twitter

LOS ANGELES: Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Facebook Inc., announced that the company will be known as Meta Platforms Inc, or Meta for short henceforth. 

This is to reflect its commitment to developing the immersive digital world known as the 'metaverse.'

"We've learned a lot from struggling with social issues and living under closed platforms, and now it is time to take everything that we've learned and help build the next chapter," said Zuckerberg. 

However, Facebook app/website is not changing its name. Same in the case of Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger.

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Internet responded to Zuckerberg's decision by various means. An activist group calling itself The Real Facebook Oversight Board, mentioned that the problem is not with the name. 

Facebook is currently at the receiving end of a massive controversy where they are accused of perpetuating hate contents.