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Elephant Presented As Amazing Artist, Did It Come With A Cost?

BP World Bureau | Nov 23 2019 12:25:15 PM
ImageCredits: BPCreation

An adorable video of an elephant drawing the picture of an elephant become viral on social media. It drew the perfect shape of an elephant and also added colour to make it look attractive.

The comment section is filled with people appreciating the elephant for drawing the picture. However, others expressed their concerns on how the elephant was trained.

The history of circus and animals in the circus have reported a severe degree of animals cruelty and torture. Most of the acts performed by the animals in the circus are based on induced fear.

In this particular video, the users expressed concern regarding the trainer holding a stick while the elephant was drawing the picture.

Zoologists have said that the elephants are gentle and are as intelligent as primates. Zoologist Desmond Morris had mentioned in an interview that elephants are trained to do things by inducing pain by pulling the elephants' ears.

Elephant Asia Rescue and Survival Foundation (EARS), a social activist group expressed their concerns on how elephants are tortured and the animals are extremely uncomfortable in such conditions.

Elephants are trained mostly to do paintings and art to entertain tourists.

However, a nonprofit Asian Elephant Art & Conservation Project, established in 1998, use the elephant-created art to benefit elephants in human care.

The elephants here are trained with positive reinforcements and the trainers are specifically taught to handle the elephants with care and compassion. Funds from these organisations go to agencies that work for the protection and conservation of elephants as well as to those who rely on elephants for their value in tourism and fight against illegal poaching.