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Why Floods Are Needed For Kaziranga National Park To Survive

BP World Bureau | Jul 22 2020 06:27:31 PM
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Kaziranga National Park and tiger reserve, spread over a 1,055 square kilometre area, are facing the dangerous floods. Animals and forest officials are braving the devastating floods. 

However, despite the death of animals,  the 51-year-old Bipin Baruah said that the floods are needed for these animals to survive. 

It is because they have observed a rise in the cases of diseases among wild animals without floods. 

Dr Rathin Burman, Joint Director of Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) said that usually, the natural disaster happens once in a decade but they are seeing it every year, right now. 

Park Director P Shivkumar said that Kaziranga is a riverine ecosystem and the river helps in cleaning the grassland and every flooding brings in more nutrition to the soil.