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Locust swarms destroy crops in Dholpur, Rajasthan

BP World Bureau | Jul 07 2020 12:19:58 PM
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The Sarmathura area of Dholpur district in Rajasthan was attacked by locust swarms on Monday. A group of 10-15 swarms were seen in the area and it has created panic among farmers.

The locust swarm entered the district through Madhya Pradesh and has moved on to nearby areas. A spokesperson of the state's agriculture department said that locusts were seen in 7-8 villages simultaneously.

The agriculture department was already on alert and the locals were given guidelines too. The government is tracking the insects with the help of locals. Helicopters were deployed in Jaisalmer to spray pesticides on a large scale.

Different parts of the country including Punjab and Haryana experienced the same problem in recent times.