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Mumbai Facing Extreme Heavy Rain, Red Alert For Two Days

BP World Bureau | Aug 04 2020 11:22:57 AM
Image credits: YouTube

Mumbai is facing heavy rain and the weather bureau has forecasted the same for Tuesday and Wednesday. The state has issued a red alert for two days.

Many residents woke up to see severe waterlogging as the rain continued through the night.

Many Mumbaikars took to Twitter to post updates of an extreme downpour. Many users tweeted that they haven't seen anything like this since July 2005. The rain and flood of 2005 killed nearly 1000 people. People have been tweeting with the hashtag MumbaiRains. 

The BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has asked people to stay indoors and stated that the India Meteorological Department has warned of rainfall with high tide at 12.47 PM. Staying away from shores and waterlogged areas were also prompted by the BMC. The city corporation has also installed 299 temporary pumping machines.