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New Plant Species Discovered In Maharashtra

BP World Bureau | Oct 25 2020 10:44:34 AM
Image credits: Twitter

MUMBAI: Researchers from India as well as have discovered a new plant species from the Rajgad Fort area in Pune district, located in the Sahyadri hills, northern Western Ghats of Maharashtra.

Newly discovered plant species is that of the Sahyadri globe thistle, Echinops sahyadricus.

It comes under the genus Echinops (spiny thistle) and is an erect branched flowering herb with stout stems, endemic to western Maharashtra.

Mumbai's Vile Parle did the research in collaboration with Fabio Conti from Italy and the details of the discovery were published in the Nordic Journal of Botany. 

This species grows on open mountain slopes from 800 to 1400 metres (m) above sea level, is distributed from Salher in Nashik District and Northern Ghats.